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Lover Enshrined by J.R. Ward
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Jun 24, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: paranormal-romance
Recommended for: no way
Read in June, 2008

yikes. I can't tell you how much I hated this book. Well ok I can and will. Well first off was there a contest to see how many subplots she could fit into this book? The cast of hundreds bored me, i cared about none of them. So many plot holes, The omega now can have children? Well I guess as the author she thinks oh well my readers are so stupid they will not remember I put that in a previous book, the omega can not create life. Well I did,and many others. This book was a mess from start to finish and I did finally finish this after 3 weeks yes I said 3 weeks I usually finish her books in 1 to 2 days. Well that was the first 4 books her last 2 have fallen off the rails. I thought lover unbound was bad but this one was worse. I mean this was no romance. And yes I know the spine of the book says novel, but the cover is a romance and the back of the book says paranormal romance saga. And the back of the book is all about phury and cormia but excuse me they take up what 100 pages of a 500 hundred page book! oh and it was put in the romance section of every book store and discount store. This book has about 6 short stories in it and they do not even have a middle and an end just the beginning of them. Nothing was resolved Nothing. I felt like I was in an episode of lost. I have a feeling she will dole out little bits and pieces over the next 10 books. All her next books will be transitional books. She introduced a new character Lassiter who doesn't interest me in the least. oh I'm sorry also Rev's blackmailer, the princess. big yawn, don't care! John is now becoming oh whine is me Phury. Yawn. Hex, gives me the whillies, I hate butch women. You can be a stong woman without looking butch and in her earlier books she was described as butch looking but suddenly she isn't any more. once again she forgets what she had previously written, If you can't remember hire someone to help you keep it straight or better yet just give a few drafts to your fans who will tell you if you forgot a specific plot point. J.R. your world is falling apart in these last 2 books. I am sorry but I wasted my money on lover unbound, I then wasted my time reading lover enshrined(luckily I got this one from the library),both money and time are important to me and you have lost me as a reader. Having checked out what others have said at amazon I think you may have lost half of your romance readers I sure hope for your sake you can pick up enough urban fantasy readers. I doubt you will, romance readers make up 50 percent of all books sold, and you aliennated many. You should have given V and Phury their books, then stated you were going to try something new and made the boys the urban fantasy part, I would have been disappointed but I would have wished you well. I have never seen a books series switch genre in the middle and you did not do yourself any favors. I am sure you thought you could make a few more bucks off us and possibly make us buy your urban fantasy. I for one will never buy a book with your name on it again, J.R ward or Jessica Bird. Shame shame shame on you. and your publishing house. berkley!
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