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Everbound by Brodi Ashton
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This. Book. Gave. Me. Everything.

Right off the bat, when I saw a map of the Everneath at the beginning of the book, I was freaking out. After the emotional, character-based first book, I had always hoped that its sequel would take us deep into the Everneath, with lots more action. And in the end that was what this book did.

I love Brodi Ashton for that, because she made the perfect balance. The first book focused mostly on the characters, and had a contemporary-ish feel to it. And I applaud her for making this one a lot more action-y, yet still have that emotion that made me love the first book so much.

This series also has a love triangle that I really like. I love that Nikki is completely devoted to Jack, and despite Cole's hotness and protectiveness toward her, she doesn't go and fall for him in a snap, like I'm pretty sure most heroines would do. In fact, Nikki still has trouble fully trusting Cole. Later on we find out that that's for a good reason, but I won't spoil anything, don't worry~

Another thing I love is that both guys haven't given up on Nikki. We all know most YA heroes would end up jumping to the next vagina in sight when they lose the heroine. Cole is always waiting for that moment where Nikki could be all his, even though he knows that may never happen. My heart kind of broke for him in a few of the scenes, because he genuinely does love Nikki. Nikki doesn't lead him on or anything, though, which I think is smart. Cause if she did . . . girl, bye.

By the way, we finally get some backstory from Cole! Although, once again, it's very shortened. I have a feeling that Ms. Brodi Ashton here is doing this on purpose to make Cole all mysterious and stuff. My problem with him still remains the same thing that I discussed in my Neverfall review, that it's hard for me to fully believe he's immortal. Besides that, though, I love him.

And Jack . . . oh, Jack. It should be a crime how perfect he is. And by perfect I don't mean in the chiseled Greek god kinda way like in most paranormal YA books, because he's not only perfect looks-wise, but he's so damn sweet! Gah, he's seriously every girl's dream, and I can see why Nikki would rather cut her arm off than give up on him. Because really, there's no topping Jack Caputo.

But most of all, the highlight of this book to me is the Everneath, because I've been dying to explore it from the very beginning. I love how it was designed. We get to see almost every part of the Everneath, and even meet the queen! Nearing the end there's a twist involving her that I really liked.

And then there was that one final twist in the final chapter, and I'm like, "Oh. Shit." I absolutely cannot wait for the third book, because I really have no idea what to expect from it. Like, really. I knew what to expect from this book because it was pretty clear that it was going to be about Nikki trying to save Jack. But for the third book, I really don't know what to expect, and that makes me both excited and frustrated.

I really, really love this series. And I'm pretty sure waiting for the next book is gonna kill me.
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