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Dec 30, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: favorites, made-me-cry, adult

4.5 stars

"Blake doesn't ask her for money. He doesn't know her name. All he wants to do is... count her smiles."

The book was all the things I wanted to read. I can't be any happier to say that I'm glad I picked it up. I saw the trailer video first and just halfway through the video I was teary-eyed! :P
Poughkeepsie is surely one of my favorites, because:

- It is a very unique novel. There are books which follow the same old story line and just change the characters, but Poughkeepsie was something very new that I just fell in love with.

- Blake is the perfect example for a gentleman, and I don't know but I'm a little biased when it comes to gentlemen. Not my fault, there just aren't enough chivalrous men anymore! :D

- Beckett, oh Beckett! God where do I start? He is the perfect bastard! The best. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't just fall in love with him. *faints*
He was like a mother trying to protect her children from all the harms that could come to them. Like a protective father, he could kick anyone's ass who ever dreamed of harming his brothers. The way he loved Livia and Kyle, and how selflessly he left Eve just so she could spread her wings, takes me on a crying spree again and again. I have utmost respect for this fucker!
He fucking ruled the book!

- Livia is the bravest woman I've ever seen :) I loved her character and personality more than any of the other female protagonists I've ever loved.

- John. He is the best father I could imagine. Not those fake ones we see in our books these days, but a very real one! Maybe because even my father is a single parent to me I can understand and relate to him better, but either way, he gained my respect in every fatherly aspect.

- Kyle I can most relate to, I guess. When I read about her, it was like I was reading about myself. Not the parts where she goes on fucking guys and all, but except that all those other parts. I mean it: each and every scene. Even her story superimposes mine so perfectly that I cry every time I think about it. I just hope my story also ends just as beautifully as hers did.

- Mouse was one character who made me laugh a lot. All the squeaky voice and body-builder physique. :D But after I read his story, it sucks so bad that Debra did what she did to him! :'( I'm putting all the blame on you, Debra. Because you know that it wasn't fair! :'(

- Chris, was the worst motherfucker I've ever seen! God, I'm so proud of Debra and Beckett that they killed him! GO BECKETT! GO DEBRA! Wohooo! ;D

- Eve rocked big time! I'd love to learn all those things she can do. Someday. :P

- Thanks to Becektt I now know like a dozen new swear words! God, Debra I love you and your creativity! *salutes*

- And lastly, this book introduced me to Ron Pope!!! Wow. I'm a fan now. I simply fell in love with his music. :')

Don't get me wrong, it was everything a 5-starer should be, BUT my boy didn't get his Happily Ever After, and so I have all the rights to deduct half-a-star for that. :'(

Note to author: We want a novella! A Beckett and Eve's happily ever after. Please? Otherwise I'll cry. Seriously. :'( :'(
After everything that he did, he sure as fucking hell doesn't deserve a hanging/unknown ending. This is not done.

POUGHKEEPSIE TOOK MY BREATH AWAY! IT IS SURELY ONE OF MY BEST READS FOR 2012! I know its kinda early to say that, but try all that you can but you can't make me say that its not one of my favorites! I bet ya! ;) :D

Go go go! Wait no more, because you're missing out on such a BEAUTIFUL, WONDERFUL, UNIQUE, HEART-TOUCHING, AROUSING (and lord everything else!) book! :))
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Quotes Kajal Liked

Debra Anastasia
“He kept his head down in what seemed to be a prayer. “He counts. You’ve smiled at him four hundred and forty-six times as of a few minutes ago. He announces the number every time I see him.”
Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie

Debra Anastasia
“He moved to her earlobe and breathed, “First, I will blow, then I will lick, last I will bite.” Blake took his time blowing an elaborate pattern on her stomach, and Livia was pretty sure he’d spelled the word torture.”
Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie

Debra Anastasia
“We’re going to find your hobo. We’re going to work hard—work nights. Liv, we’re going to put our balls into it.” She hugged her tightly.

“When did we get balls?” Livia loved her ridiculous sister.

“Just now.”
Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie

Debra Anastasia
“Livia held her spatula as Blake whispered in her ear. “I see us just like this a hundred years from now, old and deaf. I’ll be the luckiest man.”
Emotion caught her—this was all she wanted. Simple, beautiful frittata moments with this man.
“Someday, Livia, I’ll be man enough to buy the food,” he continued. “I’ll give you an oven. I’ll try so hard.”
Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie

Debra Anastasia
“Beckett started the Hummer and texted Eve:
Tak4e Ur Cloth3s OFF Im on my qway
Her reply came back quick as lightning:
Take ur clothes off and f*ck yourself.
“One way or another, this chick is gonna kill me,” Beckett growled as the Hummer roared away.”
Debra Anastasia, Poughkeepsie

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December 30, 2011 – Shelved
February 6, 2012 – Started Reading
February 6, 2012 –
0.0% "I don't like 3rd person novels. :/ But I've heard this one is really good. I hope the 3rd person thing doesn't ruin it. *sighs* Lets see. :))"
February 6, 2012 –
1.0% "Maybe its just my stupid hormones and my sucker-for-love self, or maybe I'm just plain old crazy or maybe it really is this good, but I already love this book! :') *sniffing* My guess is, its just the hormones. :D"
February 6, 2012 –
1.0% ""
February 6, 2012 –
5.0% "Oh for the love of all that's holy, can I please stop being teary eyed after like every fifth line!!! This is ridiculous, the book is awesome! :')) I'm starting to mix my happy-tears with the sad-tears now. *giggles*"
February 6, 2012 –
February 8, 2012 –
36.0% "No matter whatever the hard-assed crap you do, Beckett Taylor, I love you. :) That soft corner in you, and the love you have for your brothers inspires me. I can't help but respect such a bastard! :D"
February 10, 2012 –
60.0% " NO BLAKE NO! Why would you do that!? Please don't! :'( "
February 10, 2012 –
63.0% "If anyone sees me right now, this is exactly how I look. :'D "
February 10, 2012 –
69.0% "I'm sorry for my slow progress but this is the best speed I can get in the middle of my exams. :P"
February 12, 2012 –
96.0% ":'( Oh my Beckett! My heart aches for you. So so bad! :'( But I'm so very happy for Blake and Livia! :') Happy married life to them. :P Now starting: Chapter 50 - LOSE COUNT ... I can feel its awesome! :D Eep! ;)"
February 13, 2012 – Shelved as: favorites
February 13, 2012 – Shelved as: made-me-cry
February 13, 2012 – Shelved as: adult
February 13, 2012 – Finished Reading

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Mersina Seena Cant wait to see what you think

Kajal Nehra So far I'm loving it immensely! :))

message 3: by Anu (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anu CN hey! r u by ne chnce readin a pdf or epub file???

Merita Great review. I agree i want another book about Eve and Beckett...pleeeaaaassseee Debra

Debra Anastasia Do you guys think a Beckett-centric book would be too scary?

Katherine McCarthy Debra wrote: "Do you guys think a Beckett-centric book would be too scary?"

oh my gosh Debra, not at all. We'd LOVE to hear more about Beckett!! badass or not, he's a great character!

Merita Ӄıȶȶყ ♋ Ӄӈaȶ wrote: "Debra wrote: "Do you guys think a Beckett-centric book would be too scary?"

oh my gosh Debra, not at all. We'd LOVE to hear more about Beckett!! badass or not, he's a great character!"

I agree :)

Laura I agree! I would murder someone for a Beckett book... No pun intended.

Mersina Seena If there are NO ghosts then nope not scary at all!!

message 10: by Kajal (last edited Feb 13, 2012 11:25PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kajal Nehra Debra wrote: "Do you guys think a Beckett-centric book would be too scary?"

No at all! And besides, we would love to know what more can happen in Blake and Cole's lives! I mean mainly it should be about Beckett only (and trust me it will be anything but scary!) but a little Blake-Livia and Cole-Kyle here and there wouldn't hurt anyone! :P

But a novella IS A MUST! We HAVE to know where does their story go. This unknown ending broke ALL our hearts. :/

Tanvi i totally agree.it wont be scary at all.

message 12: by Laura (new) - added it

Laura Hey Kajal! I love this review! A gentleman, a bastard, music, and new swears! I’m in! :)

Kajal Nehra Laura wrote: "Hey Kajal! I love this review! A gentleman, a bastard, music, and new swears! I’m in! :)"

Thankyou Laura. You have to read it! Sweet and spicy both! :))

P.S. You're gonna love Beckett! <3 :D

Debra Anastasia Thanks guys! You are so inspiring. I love the hell out of Beckett. I actually wrote the first three chapters to the sequel and I stopped. It was very dark and crazy. I actually loved it. Writing any Beckett scenes would have me totally shaking my head and thinking, "Can I really let people read this!?"

And a whole book of Beckett would be a great challenge. Plus, (spoiler alert)

I'd love to write Blake as a dad.

Trust us, it won't be scary at all, and we'd literally kill for it! Whenever you think if it's fine to let the people read it, talk to us! that will help you tons. We'll be with you all along, helping you find the strength to write that story. Beckett deserves that, doesn't he? :'(

Please continue writing, Debra. And its not just me who's saying that. EACH AND EVERY REVIEWER WANTS MORE BECKETT. You have proof. :D

Blake as a dad? *faints*
Now if you even think about NOT completing that sequel, the murder I now commit will be on your hands! :D

Mersina Seena Debra wrote: "Thanks guys! You are so inspiring. I love the hell out of Beckett. I actually wrote the first three chapters to the sequel and I stopped. It was very dark and crazy. I actually loved it. Writing an..."

You really do need to write more! Please do not end this amazing story. Everyone and anyone who can understand the English language I have hounded them to read this!

Merita I agree with all the above Debra and please DONT STOP writing. Poughkeepsie is one original and amazing story. You are such a talented author. I cant wait to read more about Beckett, Cole and Blake (fingers crossed) and Blake as a dad OMG!!!!

Debra Anastasia Thanks again guys! I will put more serious thought into it. Beckett is thrilled with all of your threats. And now he wants to take you all out for a drink.

Mersina Seena Tell our mr dangerous bad boy with good intentions he can take us anywhere!!

Tanvi OMG!!!
Debra u just made my day!!
a sequel? and Blake as a dad? wow!!
now don't you dare keep us away from it...its more of a request please..:D

Debra Anastasia I hear you! You guys made my day. <3

Fathima OMFG !!! I cannot wait to read more of Beckett !!! I love his big hands and his typos ! I fucking love him . I was heartbroken for him at the end of Poughkeepsie .. DEBRA MUST WRITE ... PLEASE PLEASE !!!

Debra Anastasia You know I have extra scenes up on my website? No Beckett yet, but Blake and Livia getting engaged, Blake playing Livia their song on a real piano! This month' newsletter peeps get a Mouse and Eve extra scene.

Fathima I'm gonna start stalking your website right away !!

Tanvi ugghhhhh i can't find the extra scenes..:'(

Laura Is that engagement scene new?! I remember reading the prequel before reading the book but I had not seen this..wow...Poughkeepsie, the gift that keeps on giving :D

Debra Anastasia The newsletter subscribers get a code for an extra chapter every month (on the 22nd) and then I post it on the site. I'm so honored anyone wants more Pough. ;)

Fathima I have subscribed to your newsletter !! And oh my holy goodness , the website is sooooooo pretty ! I mean there is a feel of calm and serenity there ! Love it :D

Tanvi thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Debra.m way too thrilled to read the extra scenes..thankyou again.:)

message 31: by Anu (new) - rated it 5 stars

Anu CN it was beautiful!! the book was beautiful!! *sigh*
plz plz plz do ryt a book abt beckett too.. plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Debra Anastasia Thanks again guys. @Fathima I busted my butt on that website, so glad you like it! I have to update a few things the minute I get the time.

Fathima All the busting definitely paid off girl !!! An absolute beauty :D
P.S : Am i suppose to receive a mail once i subscribe to your newsletter ? I hav'nt received any , so there is a high possibility that i sort of screwed up there thanks to my internet connection . If you could just let me know , i would gladly sign up again :)

Kajal Nehra You won't believe how much I love your site Debra. I completely agree with Fathima. Its so serene... *dreamy* :P

And actually even I signed up for the newsletter about a week back and haven't received any mail yet. Maybe I screwed up too, or maybe its just supposed to happen that way? :o

Debra Anastasia Hey Ladies! I'm so excited that you will be on the newsletter. I will add you asap. The next one goes out on the 22nd. This weekend is crazy, I have my son's birthday today, (He's 13!), his party tomorrow, a girl scout event with my girl, my in-laws arriving, a horseback riding lesson for her. It's hilarious.

Until I the 22nd, if you are interested, I have a new free read out today! It is the story of a spoiled queen-to-be who learns to have compassion from a brave gladiator. It's my husband's favorite story.


Have a great night, you guys make me smile so much, Thank you!

Kajal Nehra Tell your son Happy Birthday from our side. I used to learn horse-riding in school. It's SO much fun (and at times scary too). Haha

Shackled, nice! Will read it next. :))

Debra Anastasia Thanks Kajal! I will. She does love the horses. i prefer petting them to getting on them. Have an awesome day!

Fathima You are soo gonna be busy !! Happy Birthday to your son , blessings from all of us here !! :)
Going to check on the story now ! Wishing you all a great weekend ! xoxo

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