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The Guardian by Robbie Cheuvront
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it was amazing
Recommended for: everyone

I loved this book. Anna's journey is one that we all go through at one point in our lives. Anna was not saved when she accepted in the mission from God. As she takes this journey, she gets to learn about God and in the end, she accepts Jesus as her Lord and Savior.

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Reading Progress

September 15, 2018 – Started Reading
September 15, 2018 – Shelved
September 16, 2018 –
page 50
10.96% "An angel finds Anna and tells her to go to Pittsburgh. There she is met by a priest named Father Vin, He tells Anna that she is to be the next "Guardian" of the scroll given to the John like her grandfather was before her. Anna's Grandfather hid the scroll,so Anna along with Father Vin have to go retrieve it before the bad guys find it.

I'm enjoying this so far and looking forward to reading more tonight."
September 17, 2018 –
page 103
22.59% "Anna and Father Vin visit Venezuela looking for the scroll only to find another clue leading them to Pou,France. I bet there just going to find another clue in France seeing as Anna still has yet to meet Jason and I still have 350 something pages to read. I like the switch of POVs, but I wish there was less of the other side and more of Anna's Pov."
September 18, 2018 –
page 149
32.68% "Anna and Father Vin found a box in one of the walls in a church in Pau, France. Something happens to Father Vin that causes Jason to become Anna's new protector. The chapter left off with Anna and Jason heading to a hideout in London,England with the box,"
September 19, 2018 –
page 189
41.45% "Not alot of Anna and Jason action in the chapters I read. Mostly the pov of the other characters. I was looking forward to reading about the safe house in London. Maybe I'll read about it tonight."
September 20, 2018 –
page 226
49.56% "Anna and Jason are in the London safe house when they find her grandfather's Journal. The Journal leads them to the Israel embassy. Five places in a span of a week. So far Anna was in New Orleans, Tennessee, Venezuela, France,and London."
September 21, 2018 –
page 272
59.65% "Anna and Jason are still in London. They just met their security team and went shopping for the ball at the Israel embassy. The tailor in London hinted at a romance between Anna and Jason. Anna even told us how holding his hand felt. What is a book without a little romance or romantic feelings?"
September 22, 2018 –
page 299
65.57% "Anna and Jason go to the ball at the Israel embassy,where Anna is held at gun point. Obviously she doesn't die yet seeing as she is our main characters. I can't say the same for the other characters. There has been alot of character that die in novel already. So, far there was about seven characters and one yet to be confirmed dead or alive."
September 23, 2018 –
page 335
73.46% "Jason and Anna are in Jerusalem about to meet up with Benjamin. They are staying at the King David hotel going over Anna's Grandfather's journals before hand to figure out what was in the temple he could be looking for. Jason thinks it is Mose's staff,the one mentioned in Exodus. He thinks it's in the ark of the covenant,also mentioned in the book of Exodus. I love all the biblical artifacts they included."
September 24, 2018 –
page 369
80.92% "Anna and Jason are in Jerusalem about to explore the temple. They meet Ben in their Muslim disguises,even though they had been recognized. Ben helps create a distraction,so Jason and Anna slips in without notice. The chapter with Jason and Anna finds what sounds like the Ark of the Covenant."
September 25, 2018 –
page 414
90.79% "Anna and Jason are back in London after their trip to Jerusalem. They found the ark of the Covenant and had lost the scroll during their trip,so Jason and Anna are back to looking through Anna's Grandfather's journals and maps. Jason found more papers hidden inside one of the lamps in the safe house causing them to leave again.

I'm finishing the book tonight,so stay tuned for the review tommorrow."
September 26, 2018 – Finished Reading

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