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Awkward by Marni Bates
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Dec 29, 2011

it was amazing
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This book is for all the nerds out there! For all those girls who lose all common sense and mobility of the mouth when around cute guys. The girls that spend way too much time with their nose in a book and not enough time in the real world. It’s for the girls that make even the simplest moments awkward with their incessant babbling. Basically, it is for any of the girls (and guys) reading this right now! I am not entirely sure how to describe the pure brilliance that is this book but you better believe I am going to try my very best! I think Marni is an absolute genius for creating a character so real (and yes awkward), a situation that could definitely happen, and a story of friendship and love!

Mackenzie is the nerd you see walking around school. She takes all the hard classes, does extra work whenever possible, she stays far away from the popular crowd unless she is tutoring one of them, weekends are spent doing homework, and you can forget a social life. She may seem strange at first but if you get to know her you realize she is hilarious, sweet, and caring. This girl is me; heck, she is YOU! She is any other person out there that may have felt awkward or strange in high school. She is the person who didn’t quite fit in, the person whose brain was too big for their own good, the person whose mouth ran wild even when their head was shouting “Zip it!” I think I fell so totally in love with this book because the main character was so relatable! I have felt just like her on more than one occasion. Of course if a cute guy is talking to me, the only reason is for homework help. Of course, I stayed after to talk extra credit with the teacher. Of course my senior quote in the yearbook says “Every day of my life includes an embarrassing moment.”She is just like every nerd out there. Mackenzie is just made of pure awesome! In all honesty, she is so funny, so awkward, so relatable, but what makes her even cooler is the way she owns up to it. She knows when she is making a fool of herself and she sure as heck knows when she has just done something lame and embarrassing and for the most part she just doesn’t care! This alone made her a total rockstar in my book!

So the situation that Mackenzie gets herself into is hilarious to say the least. I was doubling over laughing while reading about how the whole thing went down; I cannot tell you the last time a book made me laugh like this! Since Mackenzie is a super genius, her backpack can get a little heavy. One day, this overloaded backpack and the clumsy girl (Mackenzie) carrying it, take one step in the wrong direction and sends one of the schools biggest jocks down some stairs. Mackenzie then jumps on top of this guy and proceeds to give him CPR while freaking out majorly. Of course someone just had to film this catastrophe and Mackenzie is thrust into the limelight that only YouTube fame can bring! Sure the situation may seem far out there but I found it extremely believable. Soon Mackenzie is followed by paparazzi, invited to hang out with one of the biggest bands ever, and she is sent designer clothing left and right. It is just such a surreal experience to go through and while some of it may be “Sure…like that’ll ever happen moments,” I found myself being able to picture all of this happening to someone.

Of course Mackenzie is not going through all of this alone! Her best friends, Corey and Jane, are just as invisible as her to the popular crowd but are fun and vibrant in their own right, there are some “notables” that make an appearance, and then there is Logan…*sigh*. Jane is Mackenzie’s best friend and while we didn’t really see a lot of her, we get that she is a great friend. She is smart, responsible, and has her head on straight much like Mackenzie. You can definitely see how these two get along. Corey is Mackenzie’s very over-the-top, very pushy, very gay, and very sweet friend! He is that one that really helps Mackenzie to embrace this fun, crazy, new lifestyle that is thrown at her. As for the notables, I hated most of them but they are there for a reason. They are the people who made high school miserable, the ones that made the rest of us feel like scum compared to their utter perfection. We get to learn about a few, and while I still hate them, they help Mackenzie on this journey of finding her own place in high school. And now on to the wonderful Logan <3 If you want to read my very long and drawn out reasons for loving him, you can read this guest post I did for Valentine’s Day. However, if you do not feel like checking it out, pay very close attention. Logan is a notable. He is in the popular crowd so naturally us nerds stare at his beautiful face while also hating the fact that he is just so much better than us. At first I was confused on what role he would play in the story. He is tutored by Mackenzie and has been for some time now so they don’t have a friendship necessarily but they are kind enough to each other. He is quiet, sometimes rude, and he always seems to have an amused smirk on face especially when Mackenzie really gets talking. As time goes on, we get little hints that there may be more than friendship there especially when Logan helps Mackenzie out in a few fame-infused situations. I loved his attitude, the way his kindness was hidden under a layer of smugness, the fact that he fell for Mackenzie before all the fame…it was just so sweet! In the end, I really just loved him. It is that adorable “high school hockey star and total hottie” falls for the “nerd girl who can barely walk a straight line” type of romance, and it honestly just made me swoon like no other.

Obviously you guys can tell I adored this book like no other! It was incredibly relatable, sweet, and hilarious. It is like the perfect mix ofThe Jessica Darling series and Audrey, Wait! which is really saying something because those two totally rock my socks off! Trust me on this one fellow book lovers and nerd people, this book is a must read! Here’s for all the awkward people out there!

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