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Six Month Rule by A.J. Pine
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***4 Stars***

I really liked this! For the blink of an eye this started out as an enemies(ish) to lovers story, but then quickly turned into "Listen. We have amazing chemistry and seriously want to bone each other so let's do that until you have to return to England."

Holly was a heroine I quickly fell in love with. She was funny, and confident, and smart, and career driven and all kinds of great. She didn't see charming Will Evans coming...and he hit her like a freight train.

Will was the type of hero I swoon for. Smart, a little snarky, charming, walls up but ooey gooey in the center, and all wrapped up in three piece suits by day and henleys and jeans by night. Coming to Chicago to work on a deal with Holly's company was his last big assignment before finally doing what he's been wanting to do for years....focus on his 6 year-old daughter.

Holly has always put her career first and has lived happily with her rule of relationships only lasting six months. So refusing to fight the attraction she feels for Will, which is obviously returned, feels silly since he's only in town for her perfect six month window.

"I'm a sure thing. Right here. Right now. I know you don't want me to think you came here just to shag me, but good Lord, please tell me that you are going to shag me, because I so want to shag you."

And my favorite part of books with this set up....when those pesky feelings arrive. Here, Holly and Will's secret pining for more was seriously pulling at my heartstrings. But how would things work? Holly's life and career are in Chicago? Will's life is in England with his daughter?

I loved Holly and Will's chemistry. There was such a great balance of tenderness and care with humor and snark, and from their first time together you could tell something special was starting.

Will would go home to be with his daughter (she lives with his ex-girlfriend who has since married) as often as his scheduled allowed and how much Will and Holly would miss each other without telling the other gave me all the feels! Because obviously they couldn't say anything, right? That's against the rules.

"I miss your eyes, especially when you look at me with your brow all furrowed thinking I'm crazy. I miss eating ice cream with you, looking at the stars with you, and hearing what kind of prediction your horoscope has for you and the way you claim it's utter bullshit when I know you buy into it just a little bit.

I miss you, Holly."

Little by little the book built to the inevitable expiration date of their relationship and Will's time in the States and my anxiety built with it wondering how AJ Pine was going to work her magic.

I needn't have worried. The resolution was everything I wished it would be. There was some manufactured drama towards the end that felt kind of forced, but looking at the bigger picture I can see what the author was trying to achieve. So even if it had me rolling my eyes, I get it.

Overall, a book that I very much enjoyed with a hero and heroine I quickly fell in love with, all wrapped up in a romance that I was rooting for from the very first encounter.

"But here's the secret no one ever tells you."

"What's that?"

"You can't choose it. Or plan it - the person you fall for. It just happens, like a slap upside the head. A wake-up call."
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