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Eternal Starling by Angela Corbett
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Dec 29, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: love-triangle, whiny-annoying-blah-heroine
Read from December 29 to 30, 2011

2.5 stars

If you can't stand love triangles then this book isn't for you.. it's just a giant love triangle with reincarnation and good guys Vs bad guys thrown into the mix.
Evie meets Alex Night on her summer holidays before she starts her freshman year in college. Alex of course is rich, tall, handsome, intelligent and secretive. Alex and Evie date for a few weeks, when Evie notices strange men hanging around Alex becomes very protective of Evie. Understandably Evie wants answers, Alex just expects her to obey him and be fine with him taking over her life.. Evie is annoyed with Alex's non-answers and Alex decides to dump Evie for her own good but not before telling her that he is her soulmate.
Hearbroken Evie starts her first day in college and meets Emil Stone, who is also rich, tall, handsome, intelligent and secretive. Evie and Emil begin to date and things are going well until Alex comes back and warns Evie that Emil is dangerous. Evie of course ignores him and becomes closer to Emil much to Alex's annoyance.
Evie realises that Alex and Emil know one another and questions why they despise one another. Both Alex and Emil are clearly in love with her but Evie has no idea because she's a bit of an idiot.
Evie has flashes of past lives when she touches Alex or Emil and she soon finds out she is reincarnated and that she knew both Alex and Emil in one of her past lives. Both claim to be her soulmate - but Evie can't decide because she's greedy, she's also inconsiderate, uninteresting and selfish. Alex and Emil are no better.. Alex is controlling, condescending and annoying.. Emil is smarmy, oily and good at lying. I do prefer Alex as he seems more genuine.
There's not much that happens for the first 3/4 of the book just Evie moaning about the two guys in her life.. the last quarter there's a bit of action and some answers.. but we also find out that Evie is even more special than we originally thought.. ugh.
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