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Unthinkable by Vicktor Alexander
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Dec 29, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: m-m, paranormal

3.5 stars

I have to admit, I'm looking forward to reading more in this series; I'm really hoping future books will smooth out some of the issues I had with this one, and provide more rounded characters and plot lines.

I really wanted to love this book a LOT more than I actually did (which isn't to say I didn't enjoy it. I did. It just didn't grip me *quite* as strongly as other books I've read.) It was good, for what it is, but I kept wanting a bit more from it. I love books with kids in it, but the triplets here were little more than Plot Moppets, included simply as a way for the MCs to meet. They were described as babies, but there was no real confirmation of their exact ages, and their behavior seemed to alternate between "infant" and "baby" (by which I mean, very young -- 2-4 mos -- and a bit older -- 6-8 mos) even taking into consideration the tendency of multiples to mature somewhat slower than single babies. Also, I was a bit confused by the lack of any sort of attempt on Richard's part to do any sort of parenting research. He apparently has no real relationships as an adult with anyone; certainly no close contact with small children... yet he simply falls in with being the primary caregiver for THREE babies as if he's been taking care of kids that size forever, with no freakouts or research, bar only the very first "OMG I've been named my dear friend's kids' guardian and I have to move to Texas? WTF?" I mean, I can totally understand adapting well to a new situation, but it's always accompanied by moments of "What the HELL am I doing, here?" And I can see (although not fully buy into) someone -- for example, a shifter raised to the idea of mates -- being ok with the idea of insta-love and insta-bonding, but only if they've grown up expecting that to happen (but then, this is kind of my beef with MOST shifter/human pairings where the human half just kinda says, "ok, now what?")

The pacing of the story seemed a bit odd to me, and I really think the issue with what's-his-name the homophobic shifter who tries to take over the pack deserved more screen time. It would have been nice to maybe spend more time in Vet's head, not just Richard's, as I think it would have added more depth and richness to the story. And also, I didn't really like or buy into the excuses & tears & freakout of Ross, Richard's "rescuer." Hopefully he'll be in a future book & maybe be a bit less of a cipher.

I had a little bit of an issue with the formatting of this book -- every apostrophe was a question mark, there were a couple of places that *looked* like they wanted to be ellipses but were, instead, a space followed by two commas, and similar issues. Not major, but enough to keep pulling me from the story, which got to be a bit irksome after a while.

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