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Stuck with You by Trish Jensen
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Dec 29, 2011

really liked it
Read on January 05, 2012

My Review:

If you like fun contemporary romances, then this is a book that you will probably enjoy. This is the story of two lawyers that are on opposite sides of a divorce. As they leave the courthouse, arguing, they are caught up in a bomb blast. Then on their way to the hospital, they are caught up in a bizarre ambulance accident where they are exposed to a virus. A virus that forces them to be quarantined for two weeks. A virus which manifests itself through sexual arousal. Because of the large blast that occurred at the courthouse, all the hospitals are full of injured and these two lawyers are quarantined together because of space issues. Can you see how fun this is already?

The basic story line of this book is HIGHLY unlikely and more than a little unbelievable, but you all know, I read for entertainment. If you can ignore that issue, you will completely enjoy this book because it really is fun. The sexual tension is through the roof for these two people who honestly don't even like each first. Their injuries from the initial blast are minor so you have a story where two people that are sexually drawn to each other are trapped in one little room 24 hours a day for 2 weeks. The scrabble game had me laughing completely out loud...that and their daily questionnaire about their symptoms with their doctor. Seriously funny! They get to know each other really well, but even with that, there are some surprises for them once they get out.

Both of these characters were completely like-able. They have their reasons for what they do. They just can't see that yet. I loved Paige's huge family of characters and Ross' envy of them. The additional sub-romance between their doctor and Paige's brother Nick was brilliant. I absolutely LOVED their story and thought that it added so much depth to the story.

Honestly, this is just a book that was fabulous and fun. If you are looking for a read for a mental escape, this is the perfect read. It was highly entertaining and I loved it!
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message 1: by Trish (new)

Trish Jensen Christi:

LOL! Thank you! Funny enough, the book I'm working on now is based on a true story, that happened to ME! I was semi-robbed over Christmas (by the worst robber known to mankind, believe me), when a guy approached me in a grocery story parking lot and told me to hand over my groceries. He had no weapons, the parking lot was full of Christmas shoppers, it was ludicrous. He didn't want my money, jewelry, he just wanted my groceries. I asked if he had a hungry dog. "No, why?" I showed him the contents of my bags, which were filled with dog food and treats. He looked so defeated, I couldn't stand it. He begged me not to turn him in. He was just looking for groceries to give his kids a good Christmas meal. I believed him, else why wouldn't he ask me for my wallet? So handed him the forty dollars cash I'd just gotten from the store and said, "Go buy them a good meal. LEGALLY! You SUCK as a robber." Told my editor about it and she said, "You have to write this story." :)

Thus, my next "whacky" plot line is real. :)

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