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The Land of Painted Caves by Jean M. Auel
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Dec 28, 2011

liked it

I think Jean M. Auel is a fantastic writer.

Just ask her.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVED this book, but I think Auel got really excited about her book, and enjoys seeing her words in print. She included a LOT the reader already knows from the past 5 books (The Clan, the Valley, the Cave Lion, the Wolf, the S'Armundoni, their Journey, etc. All important, but I honestly was skipping pages at a time because it was repeated over and over and over.) If Auel had left out the parts the reader already knows, this book would have been about 200 pages, instead of the 840 it is. I enjoyed her vivid descriptions of the caves, especially because they're all REAL caves! I would really like to go and visit some of these caves, and think of Ayla, Jondalar, and Jonayala.

I would have enjoyed a little more conflict in this book. The description hinted at conflict between Ayla and Jondalar, but none of this conflict occurred until around page 650. If you're going to create a plot for a book, the book should have conflict throughout the entire book. That's my opinion anyway.

I also would have also enjoyed Ayla getting to have Durc back, and seeing the Clan again. I guess that's a theme that will remain unfinished, as Ayla cannot go back to the Clan, but the romantic in me wants a happy ending, and for Ayla, that happy ending would be reconnecting with Durc.

Overall, a good book, but a somewhat slow read for Auel.

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