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Hex in High Heels by Linda Wisdom
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Dec 28, 2011

it was ok
Read in April, 2010

This is the fourth book in Linda Wisdom's witch series. For the most part they are cutesy and entertaining, none of them what you'd call spectacular. This for me was the weakest.

Blair is a witch who specializes in revenge spells. She lives in a small town and owns a shop that sells all sorts of retro/nostalgic items that she and her fellow witch friends have gathered over the many years of their lives. For me one of the most baffling hard to swallow parts of the series is the fact that these women are hundreds of years old, but act like they're in their early to mid twenties at best--but I digress. Blair finds herself attracted to the local carpenter, a were-Border Collie named Jake. As the sparks between them begin to fly, Jake's old pack starts sniffing around and demanding that he return to them. On top of this Blair is dealing with con artists, ditzy human neighbors, and a band of surly and drunken elves.

Obviously these books are meant to be light hearted and funny, and for the the most part they are successful in this. There's quite a band of off beat side kicks which include Horace the gargoyle and Fluff and Puff the man-eating bunny slippers. It's overdone in my opinion, but passably amusing. I would not say that the plot was entirely boring, even if it did ramble along pointlessly.

All said though, I had many issues with this book, starting with the characters. Blair was pretty one dimensional for a hundreds year old witch. No real back story is given to distinguish her from the other witches, no markedly unique personality traits, and not a glimmer of development in the whole story. Jake is a bit better, because we get a sense that he has a painful past that he's overcome (we are actually given a few details to go on), and his personality stands out a bit from the other men in the series. Their romance was pretty juvenile--they behaved more like horny college students then adults at the start of a deep meaningful relationship. Really, the whole book is pretty shallow. Even the werewolf pack and their devious plans couldn't create enough conflict to make the story seem worthwhile.

I have liked this series overall, but I can't really recommend this one. Kind of a flop.

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