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We Three Heroes by Lynette Noni
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it was amazing

They were hermits trusted companions.Because unlike people, books didn't care if you were a princess or a pauper. Their content didn't change depending on whose eyes travelled over their pages. Books just were.

*i recommend you read books 1-4 before reading this novella otherwise you will be spoiled!! *

I will now think of D.C, Jordan and Bear as main characters and not sidekicks because they are much more than that and this novella proved that.

Crowns and Curses: The first story inside this novella is told from D.C's prospective as we see her before she starts at Akarnae Academy and way before she becomes friends with Alex, Jordan and Bear. I really enjoyed seeing D.C from before she was at the school because we only get a small insight in the main series to what she's really like and this novella story goes way more in depth.

D.C is way more then the princess that she is portrayed herself to be in the public life, she is well aware of everything happening around her and she isn't someone you would want to get on the bad side of. D.C is incredibly loyal and will always put her friends before herself and she slowly learns to let people in and start to trust them a lot more where as before she was incredibly timid and shy and didn't like letting people in but you can see the growth she has gone through over the four books plus this novella. One pivotal moment in her story is when she stands up for herself when the kid staying with her has been bullying her every time he stays there but one day she actually stands up for herself and this is where her true character stands out, D.C goes from a timid and shy girl to this incredibly strong woman who can handle her self in ways that you wouldn't expect.

D.C and Jordan's relationship is also expanded on in this novella we get to see how she starts to get feelings for him but it's a slow burning one right up until the events where Jordan is put under Aven's control and this is where we see that shift and it was good to see how D.C actually felt about it rather then us seeing it just from Alex's perspective.

D.C truly has my heart and she will defiantly play a huge role in the upcoming war and will defiantly help Alex take down Aven in the end.

Scars and Silence: This one follows Jordan and as he takes on the journey of self healing and recovery after being put under the control of Aven. To me i think Jordan is suffering from PTSD after the events of book three and it's defiantly harder for him to be his usual self after still thinking he can be put under control at any time and he has that looming over him for the entire fourth book and this novella to.

Alex, Bear and D.C are all there for him and are trying to help him with his recovery process which to me left me with such admiration for the other three because they never once left Jordans side and continued to check up and spend time with him whenever they could. However Jordan goes through the motions of not keeping his friends informed of whats going on inside his head and does keep a lot of things to himself up until Bear catches him up on it and ends up helping him get his feelings and emotions out there and tells him not to bottle them up which i think is one thing you can do as a friend, just be there for someone who's going through a rough time.

Jordan and D.C's relationships is written more in this story then D.C's one and we see them two go on little outings after lights out where they just sit out in the groups and talk to each other and i think these little outings are helping both of them and they defiantly get Jordan to open up more.

Hearts and Headstones: I have a new found love for bear and this story in the novella was my favourite one out of the three even though i enjoyed all three equally. Bear is the character out of the four that we don't really know much about and isn't much of a presence in helping in major storylines of the book but this one is where it was Bears time to shine. Bear is the very smart and nerdy one of the group who can come up with some extremely good experiments and ideas in the moments that need them and they are usually really good.

Bear is also a really goofy and loyal friend that truly does help Alex, Jordan and D.C and has there best interest at heart and does everything in his power to make sure of this. Bear is an absolute star and is one of the strongest characters in this series and he gets this from is Grandmother who he resembles in every way in which i find very admirable trait of his. My heart was absolutely breaking for bear again when reading the scene where he sees his father's death in the battle and him returning home to be with his family, i just had a little connection with him in that moment because i've been in a similar scenario before.

One last thing that i just want to mention is that the Bear and Declan friendship really surprised me and i think there might be something going on there but i could be completely wrong and i probably am but these two have so much warmth and kindness towards each other it just come across like that to me while reading this story. The two really opened up to each other and this is something that i don't think Bear has done since becoming friends with Jordan, i might be just making up some terrible 'fan fiction' it's just a thought that i had while reading it.

This novella really does set up where all the characters are at this point in the story and where they will be when book five picks up when it's released. Every character has a job to do in this upcoming war and everyone knows what they need to do to succeed however i don't think everyone will come out a live in this war and i already have some people in mind.

I would love for everyone to come out of this war alive but in every war there are casualties and there are those who make it through.

i have so many predictions now of what is going to happen but i won't put them in this review, In conclusion my heart is full but it's also very sad because all these characters have gone through so much in this series and this was only the beginning and things will get worse before they get better.

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