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77 Shadow Street by Dean Koontz
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Dec 28, 2011

it was ok

I suppose that by this point I could qualify as one of Dean Koontz's unique villains since I continue to perform the same action and expect something different. By

"action" I mean reading yet another new Dean Koontz novel and by "different" I mean expecting it to actually be good. Remember the good old days? Remember when Koontz

consistantly put out masterpiece after masterpiece. Everything from roughly 1975 to 2007 was excellent. If you have read much before that time period you will know what

I mean, but he has the excuse of being young and inexperienced. After 2007 however... I actually liked Your Heart Belongs to Me but it wasn't fantastic or anything.

Then there was Relentless which I gave a free ride because you had to give Koontz credit for trying something new even if it was something new like Metallica's St.

Anger was supposed to be new. Then Breathless came out and I felt a twinge of fear deep in my belly that had nothing to do with the story itself. By this time, the

Frankenstein novels were also beginning to decline and feel stretched to ensure that Koontz could put one out a year. Then, What the Night Knows was released and that

twinge of fear became outright horror as I tossed another bad rating Koontz's way. I mean, Koontz! He is my second-favorite author and I hated, well, hating, his new

Now, to finally get to the point here, I no longer feel guilty for giving this stuff poor ratings. 77 Shadow Street is a nice atempt to return to the classic Koontz of

the eighties that I love so damn much but just because you can ride a skateboard when you are twenty doesn't mean you will do it just as well when you are nearing

seventy. I know that isn't fair to say but I really got the feeling that Koontz had lost the ability to make good horror. This was just ridiculous from about a third in

and onward. It was made all the more disappointing because the set up was nicely done and I was rejoycing because I knew that good ole Koontz was back on track. No such

luck though, at least not for me. The plot is a bit too ridiculous to get into, the book does that annoying thing where there are too many damn characters and each

chapter bounces from one to the next (which was one of my major problems with Breathless), the writing felt forced as if Koontz was struggling to impress people with

the complexity of his phrases rather then his storytelling, and a lot of the time I just had no clue what in the blue fuck was going on because I continuously lost

interest due to the other problems I just mentioned. "Well, does it get better in the end?" No. The beginning was awesome but is soon forgotten as the weight of

annoying characteristics of the novel begin to way upon you.
In short, I am disappointed once again but I do respect Koontz for still writing and writing so much after all this time but I wish that he could go out with a bang

rather than with these highly anticipated books that are so unlike him.
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message 9: by Debra (new)

Debra I have finally given up on him, haven't even bought this one. I was the same, i kept hoping but I don't think the old Koontz is coming back. Good review.

Christine I agree whole heartedly with your review. I actually enjoyed What the Night Knows and had hoped for more of the old Koontz with this book. I mean, come on, the set up would have lent itself to such a good story. Alas, on this one I cannot even give him kudos for his writing ability ... a few good paragraphs, usually surrounding the children in the book ... the rest was descriptive drivel. I think he fell into the Anne Rice trap of seven pages of description followed by one page of story. Yeah, I USED TO enjoy her books too!

Adam Wilson I have been meaning to try more Anne Rice. Interview With The Vampire didn't impress me much though and I gave up on the Vampire Lestat half way through. I also read her Beauty trilogy if that counts haha. Maybe I will try The Wolf Gift and see how much her writing has changed.

Christine She went through w whole stage where her books were very Christian based. There is nothing wrong with that, but the religous theme is not something I enjoy. I understand she has lapsed from Catholocism yet again so I am going to try The Wolf Gift as well.

Lynda Cordova Or perhaps you have lost the ability to know good fantasy/thriller/horror when it does not quite fit what you want to read. Because I like both the old and the new Koontz. It's all good. Although I do admit to avoiding all Odd Thomas books like the plague.

Christine I may well have, but I read for pleasure and enjoyment so why not read the things I enjoy?

Lynda Cordova You should. But apparently, you were not enjoying this, so why finish it?

Christine LOL Good question. Although I have, reluctantly, closed the cover on some books I find it difficult not to finish books I've started.

Lynda Cordova I know a lot of people who have that problem. I decided long ago that I don't have enough time to waste any on a book I'm not enjoying and that was the end of the argument for me.

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