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The Remnant by Tim LaHaye
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's review
Dec 27, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: 2012, 2012-adult

I'm really beginning to get tired of this series. At this point, I'm only reading them in order to finish the series because I've already committed so much time to get to this point, I might as well finish the last two. The writing in these books is average at best and substandard most of the time. The dialogue is annoying and unrealistic and, at times, difficult to follow. there is a whole conversation between Leah, Hannah, and Rick that is nearly impossible to follow as to who is talking. Also, the characters frequently include comments in their dialogue that people just would not say. People don't generally go through the attempts to make sure they have all the bases covered when speaking to each other (such as including all possible options in a list of things, i.e. religious types). Also, the authors also demonstrate their lack of knowledge about certain topics. For instance, apparently the military has stopped using military terminology and started using police and trucker jargon(i.e. 10-4). Another annoying feature of this book is that for 267 pages, the book gives minute by minute detail of about 5 different groups activities, then all of a sudden, they decide to jump ahead 5 months. Another 100 pages later, they jump ahead another 5 months. They spend half the book covering the time period of about 2 days in excessive detail and then jump over the course of a year in less than half that. Not to mention, a lot of the time when they cut to scenes including certain characters, there seems to be no value added. Its just a scene to show what that person is doing without really advancing the storyline. Furthermore, too often the characters make exceedingly stupid decisions just so they can be at the scene of an event to report on it personnally (such as Mac, Albie, and them going to watch the false prophet outside of Petra). There was no rationale reason for those three to fly a copter to the scene to watch the events other than for them to be able to "eyewitness" it for everyone else. Mac, who has been going through the entire series making rationale, tactical decisions, is suddenly overcome with stupidity to go fly into the enemies lair just so he can be on scene. It is really sad because there is a lot to be learned and gained from reading these books, but the hack writing makes it difficult to enjoy them.

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