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Demon Vampire by Virgil Allen Moore
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Dec 27, 2011

it was amazing

Demon Vampire
Virgil Allen Moore
Ok, this can't be 'a typical' review because I am unable to remove myself OUT of the book. It has totally sucked me into it's realm! It's like walking into a dream where you do not trust your senses because you do not know what is around the mist coming up off the ground. Dreams that feel so real you can feel the pain, taste the pleasures it has to offer and the darkness we all have inside of us. You see someone in the distance that seems familiar, maybe the way they walk, or the tilt of their head, and you feel just a little bit 'safer', but can you be sure they are truly who they appear to be? What power do we actually have control of in our dreams, what can we actually do? Is it possible to transport power from a dream into the realm of the living? Ask yourself, are you awake right now, or are you dreaming?
Demon Vampire has totally blown me away! Virgil has made me look at vampires in a whole new light in which I have welcomed! I have read and reviewed A LOT of books, and to give credit where it is due, they were all five stars in my eyes because I do not judge an author who writes about my favorite character lightly. But what Virgil has done should be no threat to the tone other authors write about the Vampire. Virgil is truly unique with such a unprecedented imagination that I feel has limitless power. He takes you into the deepest, darkest heart of a Vampire and allows you to experience their hopes, dreams, wishes. Oh, you didn't know Vampires have those like humans do? It's not always about the cloak and blood. There are dark dark secrets that only the elite are to know, there is a hunger for power and vengeance beyond belief. It tears and rends the soul to get it's point across to you, the reader. Do you dare take the invitation it has to offer you? Do you dare take the hand offered to you, to meet the Demon Vampire?
In my review I have given very little information about characters, plot line, etc. I feel looking at other reviews, this has been done. I wanted to write a view from the very depths of my soul and imagination and what 'I' felt about it. I am still feeling it, and I do not know if I will ever recover or realize I have completed the book and am safe in my chair, typing you this review.
I give Demon Vampire by Virgil Allen Moore five stars *****
*Note: Thank you Virgil for allowing me to take this voyage into your mind.
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Nora Chipley Barteau
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