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You Shall Never Know Security by J.R.  Hamantaschen
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Dec 27, 2011

it was amazing
Recommended to Katy by: J.R. Hamantaschen
Read from February 27 to 29, 2012 — I own a copy

Please note: I read this in February 2012. I'm just updating the formatting and adding the disclosure that the author provided me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Book information: Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy, Lovecraftian short stories
Reading Level: Adult
Triggers: Weirdness, violence
Recommended for: Fans of Lovecraft, dark fantasy

My synopsis and musings on the book: This is a short story anthology, with stories in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft – dark fantasy stories, the type of things that will settle in your soul and leave shadows there that weren’t before. These stories range in length and topic, but all share the same darkness, the same weirdness, the same … creeping quality that will crawl into your brain and set up shop and leave you … different than you were before reading them. Wonderfully twisted, terrifically strange, and highly recommended. An experience you must have – get this book, and read this book. You will not be disappointed.

Detailed thoughts: My favorite story was the short “Jordan, When are you Going to Settle Down, get Married and Have us Some Children?” I liked it so much, I read it aloud to my husband before he went to sleep this morning. I hope he had a nice, twisted dream. I can’t even tell you what it is about without spoiling it, but it is so weird, so twisted, so gross that you will probably love it, too! The final story, “There Must be Lights Burning Brighter, Somewhere” is also the longest, and deals with how someone handles the aftermath of a very stressful situation. Wonderful. “A Parasite Inside your Brain” will make you think – are parasites really so bad? I could go on, but I will let you discover these wonderfully twisted and dark stories yourself. If you like Lovecraft, if you like twisted and weird dark fantasy, you will love this stuff!
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Katy This is some crazy stuff, yo ...

message 2: by Michael Fierce (last edited Mar 02, 2012 05:06PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Michael Fierce sounds excellent and right up my (dark) alley. thanks for bringing my attention to it and your review was great!

Michael Fierce wow....i just noticed for the 1st time, you LIVE (!) in Athens, Georgia!!!!!???? I used to live there about 10 yrs ago and worked at Topper's, Boneshaker's, Dial America, and Manpower. you must be cool! I've lived 98% of my life in San Francisco / Oakland, California, but lived in Athens, GA for almost a yr and a half.

Katy Michael wrote: "wow....i just noticed for the 1st time, you LIVE (!) in Athens, Georgia!!!!!???? I used to live there about 10 yrs ago and worked at Topper's, Boneshaker's, Dial America, and Manpower. you must be ..."

Yup, I do - and even worked at DialAmerica for several years. Did a stint with Manpower, yup yup. Boneshaker's is closed - the smoking ban did it in :-( Anyway, I've lived here for just over 10 years now. It's a lovely little town.

Glad you liked my review - it's an awesome book!

Michael Fierce i was the front desk / cashier at Boneshaker's and even lived with Mark the owner for a while when I 1st moved there (funny enough me, my best friend, Mikael who workded with me, the owner Mark, and the bartender Stuart are all straight but as you know the club / bar was not), I was a Recruiter / Admin at Manpower's for a short while 'til i headbutted with a bigoted biatch that worked there, and I was one of the top 5 salesmen at DialAmerica and was the only full-time DJ at Topper's but mainly worked day to night shifts. Maybe we've run across eachother before while I was there? Very curious. OK. Do you know if Topper's is still there? I always joke that I could fly over there tonite and be working for Donnie as soon as I landed though I'm not planning to, I sometimes reminisce because I had some good times over there and left some very good friends there too that I've managed to only stay kinda connected with one. :(

Michael Fierce ...oh and I was working at Boneshaker's right before and right after the smoking ban...not sure exactly what date that was. It didn't bother me any since it was already like that in California before I moved but you're right, it was the eventual downfall of the place.

Katy I never made it to Boneshakers when it was open, sadly. I worked at the Dial from February or March of 2007 until May of 2010, although the last two years I wasn't there very much as I was out on sick leave for a variety of things. I worked nights when I first started, then had to move to evenings when they no longer stayed open 24 hours, and finally switched to early mornings. Were you there during that period of time?

Michael Fierce darn, i wasn't. but, i keep thinking since i feel like i knew everbody there because of the jobs i had, just maybe we ran into eachother. i want to defend myself on the Toppers job too. I had only walked into a strip club once in my life before then and it was in SF 'coz my best friend practically abducted me just to go in which i didn't want to do. then, strangely, a girl i knew in Athen was secretly in love with the main night dj there, who i knew bcoz i helped produce his music project so i told her i'd introduce them and they hit it off and he offered me a job there. they ended up moving to California then returned to Athens and got married!! but, i might be the only person alive who never went to strip clubs who ended up dj'ing full time at one....which, i've never met a dj in my life since then that ever worked full time anywhere. so. guess i was lucky (?). you know, Boneshaker's might've been a gay club but it was cool as fu..dge. i met more nicer girls i ended up dating then even at Toppers because groups of girls would come in not wanting to be hit on but then have a drink and...well, they would start asking "..is anyone straight around here". so, me, the owner, the bartender and my best friend who flew me out there to work on music (who moved back here even before i did) all ended up meeting a lot of nice, straight girls! i barely've had a date since! :(

Katy !) no need to defend yourself on working a strip club. I have no problem with strip clubs and have enjoyed going in more than a few times. Haven't gone to Toppers - was going to for my 32nd b-day, but the guys I was with chickened out ... LOL Anyway, I think it's still open b) most of my favorite clubs over the years have been the gay clubs - Embers in Portland, some of the best drag queens around, a great dance floor; Club Metro in St. Paul, MN (closed now, sadly) one of my favorite places to go for karaoke when I lived there. I wanted to go to Boneshakers, but after moving down here, I just didn't often have the money for us to go out, so we never did.

Michael Fierce ...well, that's good. honestly, Donnie runs about as respectful a strip club that i've ever heard of and there's no funny shi+ going on in there and it was one of the funnest AND funniest jobs I've ever had. I imagine most of the same people work there coz it was a tighnt-knit family so-to-speak. I'm sad for you that you missed out on Boneshaker's. It was truly a one-of-a-kind experience and the clientele all became great friends of mine and the drag queen shows were hilarious and crazy memorable. It's a type of entertainment I never thought I'd enjoy so much but having experienced it in its' top form, I have a much greater impression of it all than I would've expected. Boneshaker's had a karaoke thing and American Idol wa HUGE then, with Diana Degarmo being from Georgia that season, so, we had our own karaoke contest with judges and all, and I was one of the 3 main one's so it was a blast. I'm a part-time vocal coach and wanted to take the winner and the 2nd runner up, Deanna and Chassidy, to the next season tryouts but they both sadly chickened out. I think Deanna would've made the Top Ten. :( So, that helped me determine it WASN'T 10 years ago, it was from 2003 to 2004 that I lived there though a part of me feels like it's longer and the other part feels like it's been shorter! All the time I was there I had only been to Atlanta for the plane rides to and from, but 4 yrs ago I got flown over to help build the AT&T lab but didn't have a chance to revisit any of my friends or Athens, however (!), as soon as I went to a local mall that had a food mall center, as soon as I walked in the 1st person I focused on was one of my best friends in Athens at the time that I met at DialAmerica, Cat (Caherine Garcia). But, we we're almost romantic and she was engaged to a lawyer in Arizona so she was a bit distracted by that to resume our friendship but it was a jolt of surprise for us to run into eachother and have lunch out-of-the-blue. Wow. Just so many memories from there! Take care and you don't have to worry 'bout me hittin' on you, I know you're married but you have extraordinary taste in fiction and I just was so surprised that someone who likes the stuff you do lives there since nearly no one I knew liked gothic anything or horror books for that matter. One of my gf's over there used to joke that besides her and me, we knew about one handful of goths and that was the entire goth population, though Star (real name, Kim) was about as goth as Avril Lavigne (not!) and the others we knew were like Macy's goths and my goth days were more 10 yrs in my past when I lived there -- but it never quite leaves you completely. In fact, I read a funny thing in the paper, because I'm a bit more into Steampunk nowadays: Steampunk is what happens when goths discover brown! God, I love that one! OK, take care and I really enjoy your words and experiences! :)

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