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The Girl in the Letter by Emily Gunnis
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it was amazing

I basically read this in about 3h...mind is still processing to follow.

What does a ghost do when insomnia sets in? ....go on Goodreads and catch up on reviews slightly overdue.
Anyone who's paid attention to my lists and profile will know I don't normally go for contemporary fiction, I like my authors dead like
However, once in a blue moon a book comes along that catches my eye, the wind is blowing in the right direction and i find myself reading something like this in 3 hours... give or take.
Anyone wanting to know what the book is about can find the appropriate description, so I won't bother you with one of my own.
An epistolary novel is something always appealing to me, the joy of receiving a letter something I recall fondly and at times miss.
In this case the letters are of a somewhat more somber tone, and yet filled with such life and such passion that one can't be unmoved by the plight of all these girls and wish, even knowing from the start it's highly unlikely, a happy ending for all.
The single mothers homes that the book speaks off where honestly a plague, a haven for very bad people to get away with horrible deeds in the name of ...yep, got it...God and morals and society.
What the author does here, quite well i think, is show just how much more complicated reality was...and please hear me out, I'm not defending anyone but the dead girls (real and fictional) here.
It's simple enough, we've all heard the stories, to say the Church is too blame, the nuns and priests were horrible and mean and downright cruel in a way that defies all logic and common sense and makes you wanna become an atheist.
However, and that is what resonated with me more directly, the rest of society was equally to blame for locking up these girls...parents, significant others, doctors, neighbors.... everyone played a part, even if just in turning away from those doors locking behind these girls and choosing to believe what their minds knew were lies.
The author, in a way that frankly appealed to me quite deeply, seeks trough to set wrongs right and by uniting past and present through's fairly easy to grasp early on what the connections are, she tells a story that engages you, scares you, angers you and ultimately makes you cry your heart out for all these lost lives.
This won't be an easy read, and I purposefully leave out any summary of plot, but this is a needed read that albeit not perfect, certainly seeks to do right by so many lives treated so wrong.
This will remain with me for a long time to come.
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