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The Rise of Kyoshi by F.C. Yee
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Then let it be so, she thought. She would fight her ill fortune, her bad stars, and protect those who might despise her to the very end of her days.

Kyoshi wasn’t always that Avatar who all the people adored. She was an ordinary servant once, not someone who was worth noticing. When the position of the current Avatar are being questioned some eyes turn their attention to Kyoshi.

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Italian Trulli
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From what we’ve seen of Kysohi on the Avatar the last Airbender show we have a very little information about the Earthbending Avatar who ended up creating the Dai Lai and who lived to be a 230 years old! The oldest Avatar to have ever lived. I have often asked myself how it was possible that Kyoshi achieved the things that she did, and what made her into what she was?

We are finally getting the answers now. 11 years after Avatar the last Airbender has ended we are getting introduced to Kyoshi her whole story and it sure is something.

“What insult have I given you?”
“Your existence,” Kyoshi spat.

Italian Trulli

Kyoshi’s life is anything but a picnic on the beach. It wasn’t that she was given anything on a silver platter or something. She was left at a very young age by her parents and had to survive on her own for some time until Kelsang came into her life and provided for her.

Kyoshi knew what it was like to founder alone in the dark, grasping for edges that were too far away, without a mother or father to extend a hand and pull you to safety. The pain of having no value to anyone, nothing to trade for food or warmth or a loving embrace.

⛰️ Kyoshi: A bisexual Earthbender. Even as an Earthbender she isn’t particularly skilled, and she is unaware of her true powers. Is incredibly tall and was an orphan in her younger years.

⛰️ Kelsang: An Airbender. Owns a bison called Pengpeng. Raised Kyoshi as his own.

He’d done all this, saved the life of a child stranger, for no reason other than that she needed someone. In a part of the Earth Kingdom where love was reserved solely for blood relations, the monk from a foreign land was the dearest person in the world to Kyoshi.

⛰️ Rangi: She’s one badass Firebender. Is a personal guard to the Avatar. Is in love with Kysohi.

I just want to scream (view spoiler)

Once Kysohi finds out the truth about her being the Avatar she is forced to flee from the mansion that she had been working at with Rangi when someone wants to use her powers for ill intends. Forced to hide her powers Kyoshi ends up with a band of renegades where she participates in a couple of schemes and takes her first practices in the other elements, and particularly struggles with Airbending.

Still Kyoshi is far from being a fully established Avatar, and is still in hiding. Her bending doesn’t come naturally to her, and she does whatever is in her powers to train her bending.

Italian Trulli

Kyoshi’s story has never been an easy one and she had to fight to get whatever she was entitled to. This book only followed Kyoshi during her younger years and we watched her being shaped into an Avatar into the race for something humongous.

While I was reading this book I had kind of forgotten that this was going to be a two part series and when I read To be continued on the last pages I wanted to hurl my ereader across the room, but decided not to. Sure Kyoshi was only in her teens in this first book so it’s only logical that we get so read about the rest of her life whenever the next book comes out. When…

I have enclosed Kyoshi inside my heart and she will remain there until I draw my final breath.

↠ Genre: Fantasy, The Avatar The Last Airbender Universe
↠ Reputation: Bisexual reputation
↠ Pov: Third Person – Female
↠ Type: Book 1 out of 2
↠ Rating: 5 stars

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Natasha So glad that I read your review and now know ahead of time that it's a two part series, definitely has prepared me!

milou  ☁️ glad i could help. but still you shouldn't let that hold you back from reading it because it's well worth your time if you want to read about kyoshi's life :))

Natasha Oh, I'm already more than halfway done with the book, I just had no idea that it was a two partner! So thank you for that! :)

Natasha Two parter, dang autocorrect!

milou  ☁️ You're welcome. And enjoy your reading :)

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