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Ghost Story by Jim Butcher
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Dec 27, 2011

really liked it
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Read from April 04 to 16, 2012

I was a bit hesitant on this one because they changed the narrator on me. James Marsters is Harry Dresden for me and to have John Glover (who as I listened I did recognize from what little Smallville I had managed to stomach) made this one harder to start.

John Glover doesn't do a bad job with this one. No, he isn't James Marsters, but he does a fairly good job of bring Harry to life. I wasn't as convinced with some of the other characters, but I do have to admit that I preferred his Mort and maybe even his Lea. He was good with the pacing and emotional context, but I still hope Marsters is back for book 14.

As for the story itself, I was kind of disappointed in how far Molly and Karin had fallen apart without Harry there. I get that the world without the Red Court was more vicious, but they had each other and the werewolves. They had a support system to keep them together and mentally stable, but they apparently needed Harry in order to be whole people. Since none of the guys broke down like that I felt a bit insulted for my gender... (view spoiler)

I love the fact that Harry is this awesome wizard, but I keep thinking that if he only asked for help from the right people at the right times he would be more effective. Mab was not the choice I would have made even if Uriel didn't/couldn't answer. The idea of correcting the balance of things with all of this was a bit strange even with what was revealed at the end (which I completely expected (view spoiler)).

I think there are too many subplots, most of which could turn into plots at any given moment, being juggled right now. Butcher needs to solve at least some of them or at least give us a hint at the direction they are going.

This book contains spirit possession, speculation on the afterlife, creepy fairies torturing people, violence against mind slaves, violence against people, torture of people, curses including the f-word, and contemplation of romantic feelings.
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