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Allegiant by Veronica Roth
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No date.At all.Really? No description either?

That's just wrong,but i digress.

Even though i sometimes get lost in the details of books,which happend in this one,and i forgot who many people were in this book..

It was one of my favorites. Because of Tris,mostly.

Not a lie.I gave Insurgent 4 stars because that's what i felt like it deserved.The story flowed so well,and it was suprising how it ended.

This was me at the end:

And that,also,isn't a lie.

Will absoulutly be getting this one,though most people are calling it Detergent.Yep,i've seen other reviews.

I'm thinking it'll be one these:Resurgent or Convergent. If i'm right...

Then that's just it.


What can i say? I'm just flipping out right now.

In the good way.

10/22/13 will be a happy day.


AAAAAAAAAAH! The cover!!! Ashdfghjkl I need air.

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