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Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper
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it was amazing
Recommended to N.T. by: Library
Recommended for: King Arthur lovers, medieval fantasy lovers, and those looking for a good read in general!
Read 2 times. Last read December 26, 2011 to January 27, 2012.

It's been almost more than ten years now since I first read these books--and, indeed, that was the only time I read them. So much time has passed, with so many things changing and constantly keeping my attention away, that to sit down again with books I had read as a kid, and let my heart be taken up and swept away into great tales, magic worlds that touch our own! Things that can be; things that are--all this is a gift that is so hard to find anywhere else, and yet so easy to discover when reading.

None presents it quite so well as this series. It is simple, and yet it is magical. It is a little concept that is as easy to grasp as it is to choose sides on. You are drawn in, and for all the little adventures you get strung up upon, it awakens delight and excitement, anxiety and fear, wishes, hopes! You're brought to life by this timeless battle of Good versus Evil, by the unending majesty of King Arthur's times, and what he had left to us to fight for, and to believe in. There is an ancient and beautiful glory in this book, capturing that age-old awe--the feeling, the knowledge, that you are suddenly stepping into a world that once was, that once truly was there, and that it still can be found, everyday, if you look hard enough, in every part of your world.

*Smiles and brings her hands before her face, suddenly bursting them from each other, fingers breaking apart and palms pushing through the air.*


A sense that you're a part of something greater than just you. A sense that there's more to things than meets the eye.

*Grins* There is wonder to be found in tales like this, when you let your heart go down the paths it once followed all the time: where everything is possible, where mystery and wonder is everywhere, just waiting to be found.

What this book does... is unleash the possibility. If you give it the chance, if you give it the time, that wonder and awe and belief you had as a child--that anything is possible--can come back to light: right here, right within these pages, in this book. Because what Susan Cooper did for me, even all these years later, long after reality has hit home and hit hard, is to remind me that even when being "grown up" and having to face the toughness of life, everyday on end, there are still small wonders worth entertaining: worth dreaming about; worth living for.

Won't you give this book a chance? I promise you, it only gets better. I'll see you all in The Dark is Rising next!

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December 26, 2011 –
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0.0% "Many years ago, I stumbled upon this series. It's been almost 10 years now, I think. And over the weekend, I saw the crappy version of the movie they made. It just reawakened in me my desire to dive into this series again, one more time. Thus, here I go. My desired and loved adventure awaits. <3 (On a side note, page count is WAY off on this one. Book doesn't even break 200 pages. *Shakes head*)"
December 26, 2011 –
page 3
1.53% "*Giggles softly, warmly* Just like I said to my family... "Great-Uncle Merry" always reminded me of this series' Gandalf-figure. *Smiles warmly, lovingly* ...even in this tale, the feeling rests in my heart as very much the same. Love. Trust. Warmth unending. *Sighs deeply, happily* Already I feel like I've found a place where I belong: here in this book. Magic is in its pages. I can feel it."
December 27, 2011 –
page 19
9.69% "There is -nothing- more exciting to me than exploring hidden and secret passageways and rooms in a house. <3"
December 27, 2011 –
page 33
16.84% "*Narrows eyes, shoulders tight and tense, ears laid flat against her head and hisses silently* ...if Merry says nothing the entire time they're there, and then disappears... if these people are working with that little prick from the docks... if the girl's asking about secret tunnels and passages in the house and asking them to let her know about it...WHY AREN'T YOU SUSPICIOUS. *Hackles raised* ...they OOZE bad news!"
December 27, 2011 –
page 44
22.45% ""It was called 'Tales of Lyonesse,' and a lot of the "s"s were printed like "f"s." <-- This!! If I did not study with Professor Lynch I would NOT have cared a lick for that! But he taught us about this! Those f-like S letters are called the "long S" and they were usually written in the middle of words but not at the beginning of them. It was just a form of writing used I believe in Middle English. That shows (cont.)"
December 27, 2011 –
page 44
22.45% "(cont.) just how old that book actually is, that its lettering is not the standard form. It would mean the book itself would be I believe before the 1500s, at the very least. How cool is it that Susan Cooper knows this?! I mean, it's not exactly everyday you come across people who KNOW this little tidbit about the English language!! <333"
December 28, 2011 –
page 55
28.06% "YAY TELLING GREAT-UNCLE MERRY! Why didn't you all think of this before? XD I was thinking it right from the get-go! >W<"
December 28, 2011 –
page 63
32.14% "This... is magic. This... is something worth -fighting- for. This is like a dream. But this... -this- is what I have dreamed of forever. ...this is what resonates in my heart like unbridled life. -These- are the stories that matter."
January 27, 2012 –
page 193
98.47% "*Smiles faintly... and then nods* Yes. It -can- be."
January 27, 2012 –
page 196
100.0% "*Nods slowly* "I think we shall know, one day." Is there a better end to anything than looking to what might yet come? *Smiles* ...onwards, and always expect more."
January 27, 2012 – Finished Reading

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Toby Gradkowski Thanks for the review Nicole. This sounds like pretty good stuff--I added it.

N.T. Embe Toby wrote: "Thanks for the review Nicole. This sounds like pretty good stuff--I added it."

Well then, I can only hope it lives up to your expectations. One person's enjoyments don't always meet another's. :3 But that's half the fun in sharing books in the first place. Discovering something new you never thought you'd enjoy.

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