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The God Conversation by J.P. Moreland
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Jun 22, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: apologetics

I thought this book was packaged rather misleadingly. I thought it would be more of a methodological approach to apologetic dialog. Rather, it's just another beginners apologetic book. It's just another way to package the same old stuff. Include some stories around beginning apologetic answers to defeaters or questions, and pretend you have something novel. Besides the level of answer being at that of junior high, I don't even agree with the majority of ways they went about presenting their particular apologetic answers. For instance, employing free will defenses, age of accountability, semi-pelagianism, and an incompetent deity isn't my idea of how to answer problems of evil. Not only that, the "illustrations" weren't that good either.

There are far better introductory apologetic books - even ones from the particular philosophical and theological positions held by the authors - out there to learn from. Now, get one of those, and then include this piece of advice A:

[A] Try to use stories and illustrations to make your point, conversation partners will be able to remember what you said more easily. You can find these illustrations in books, magazines, movies, music, and life in general. (Or get Mortimer Adler's How To Speak, How To Listen.)

Now call the better introductory book, B. Using this formula:

B + A

you now have something better than "The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith."

If you already have an introductory apologetic book, or you are aware of some that you want to get (and it's easy to find them), then do not get this book. It is a waste of money. The material is too simplistic and the attempt at a unique "selling point" was poorly done.

This book is just a clever marketing tool to re-package the same old material that has been done to death, and done better, in other places. But if you want to be a "target market," then go ahead and drop the 10 bucks.

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