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Soul Screamers Volume One by Rachel Vincent
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Dec 26, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: paranormal-fantasy, young-adult
Read from March 12 to 16, 2012

Love this series now!

I kept seeing this series in the book store and I kept meaning to write it down on my wish-list but by the time I got home I always forgot to. I never read the summary and I didn’t know what it was about but the covers immediately attracted my attention. Now that I’m on Goordreads all the time I was reminded of my intention and now I have read it – and Ms. Vincent didn’t disappoint!

The Soul Screamers series is centered on the myth and lore of Banshees (or more accurately, bean sidhes). Bean sidhes are usually women who let loose a very loud, ear-piercing scream when death is near and have very little control over their screaming. Vincent’s descriptions and characters are great when knowing little about this kind of supernatural creature, though I don’t know how precise it is with the Irish folk-tales. She weaves a great tale with bean sidhes, reapers, and even the mortals and I loved it.

Seeing as Barnes and Noble didn’t have just the first book in the series but the first volume, which includes the never-before-in-print prequel, the first and second books. The prequel, I thought, was a great way to introduce the background to the story and how Kaylee reacts with and deals with her screaming. It was one of the best prequel books I have read for series and was a wonderful lead up to the actual books. The first was okay, like most first books in a series – great premise, interesting characters, the evil problems the couple faces – and was like most others but I liked Vincent’s writing and the way she set all the events up in the book. The second really was amazing and left me wanting for more.

Lately, I have been obsessing over the lack of strong female leads, the girls who are smart, pretty kick-ass, not too lovey-dovey and weak over some guy, etc. and at first I thought Kaylee would be the same way. But after the prequel I realised she wasn’t and I thought she handled everything really well and wasn’t too hung up on her relationship but was worried about others and their lives. She was selfless, smart, not one of those who things come easily to, not too self-conscious – overall I loved her. Nash, oh Nash, I think my fictional character crush list grew by two (the other being Tod). He was great. A little over-emotional but in a good way (at least he had a personality, unlike some guys who are just there and hot). I also liked how Nash was protective of Kaylee but wasn’t very controlling of her actions. Tod, however, was the one I fell in love with from the beginning. (view spoiler). It always works out that way – I may like or maybe not like at all the main guy the girl falls for but I fall mainly for the troubled, misunderstood men. And Tod definitely falls into that category – sarcastic, cute, and smart, pretends to be indifferent but actually cares a lot. (view spoiler)

Rachel Vincent’s world of bean sidhes is very creative and not too far-fetched to where it is unbelievable. The little twists and turns throughout the books were enjoyable and not too predictable. The only issue I had was with the Netherworld – the concept was good but I was a bit confused. Though, it may be because I skimmed over little parts but I think she could have explained the place and all it entails better. I also didn’t understand how Kaylee and others like her could travel there using their screams and then ending up practically in the same spot but not.

I tend to steer clear of the really popular series with teens because I usually don’t like it as much as they do and I end up disappointed. But I really liked this one and I am glad I trusted my instincts on reading Soul Screamers. I would recommend this series (or at least the first two books) to anyone interested remotely in the supernatural, something different to the popular vampire/ werewolf/ witch stories, and, of course, in romance and action. I cannot wait to get my hands on My Soul to Keep! And I hope to see future Banshee lure coming to mass market print! It is much more fascinating, I think, and unique to write about.

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