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Bitter Demons by Sarra Cannon
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Dec 26, 2011

it was amazing
Recommended for: Young Adults and Adults
Read on December 26, 2011 , read count: Once

Okay, I am on a Peachville High Demons Reading Fest. After reading books 1-2 today, I just completed "Bitter Demons." I am constantly amazed at how cleverly entertaining each book in the series becomes. Sarra Cannon knows how to weave a magical tale and keep the reader mesmerize.

Harper Madison has been called on the carpet by the coven. Mrs. Ashworth, Drake;s mother, has announce that she is on probation and if she does not follow the advice (demands) of the coven she will be sent to Juvie. This is where the story truly gets juicy. Amidst all of the fear and turmoil, Harper finds her voice and stands up to the wicked witch of the north and calls her hand. "Checkmate." Mrs. Ashworth is forced to back down a bit and the coven must find a way to share some of their secrets with Harper while still keeping her in the dark.

A neighboring demon school comes to Peachville for the final football game before the playoffs. Harper meets two Future Primas only to discover one is a loathsome snob and her sister is a sweet girl virtually ignored by her family. Harper and Constance quickly become friends and they share magical secrets. When Harper teaches Constance how to change her look (glamour) they come up with a plan to exchange identities at the upcoming party after the football game. Unfortunately, things go wrong and someone kidnaps Constance under the mistaken impression that she is Harper.

This story was amazing and kept me guessing. I had a hard time figuring out who the good guys are vs. the bad. With each book we learn a little more about the coven at Peachville and Harper's past. So much is on the line and I couldn't help but get the feeling that time may be running out for her. I just love this series and afraid that the next book will bring me to the end of reading adventure because books 5-6 won't be out for awhile. Oh well, I have to take my chances. This series is just too good to put down.

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