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Frankenstein by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
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Dec 26, 2011

did not like it

** spoiler alert ** I chose to read this book, because of it´s shortness, for thinking I could finish it in just a couple of days. And I did, which does surprise me. This book was definitely not a quick or an easy read. I will not be reading this book again. It took me a lot of effort to finish this book and surely I would have wanted to stop reading it already at the beginning of the book. I would give the book 1,5 starts if it was possible, but since it isn´t I am forced to give it only 1.

It was not all bad, there were parts that I liked. Mostly the part were the being told about the beginning of his life. And that was actually the only part that evoked in me a feeling other than that of boredom and the must to concentrate. There were parts that were easier to read, but even more there were parts that I felt hard. Often I noticed that I had not a clue of what I had just read, there were long (at least they felt like that) parts where nothing happened with just description of the surrounding or feelings of Victor or the being. Most likely the style the book is written is the reason it did not suit for me, the story in itself interests me, but it could´ve been written in a simpler and more frank manner. And I think after reading this book and while, I have been writing in a different and strange way..

Letters 1-4

I found these letters somehow hard to read. It told about a guy who wants to go the North Pole (Captain Walton)..and then meet another man, brought up from the ice on a sledge to the ship that he captains. This man, starts to tell his story..(Victor)

Chapter 1-3

Immediately the reading started to feel easier and more enjoyable. But still there are parts where I feel I get lost in my thought really easily because the style it has been written in is something. What happens because of that is that I really need to concentrate and think about concentrating. And that makes the reading slow. Also I´m just thinking, "come on, let´s get to it already!".

So the chapters tells about Victors life before he goes away to university, his sister (adopted sort of) is sick and his mother gets sick after taking care of her. His mother dies before he leaves. He arrives and finds out that what he has read before of natural philosophy is something the modern teachers tell him is ancient information. But one of the teachers he talks to is more gentle and so he continues his studies.

Chapter 4-5

Victor started to work towards his goal, in time that was all he cared about and he forgot everything else in life. His want to reanimate something that had passed became the thing that kept him going. And one day he did succeed, after working like in a mania, the thing opened it´s eye. The eye caused him to feel bad. The eye! This man´s actions and feeling are described like he never questioned his doings and never thought "what if I succeed, and it is not good..". He then runs away from the being, goes outside and later in to town always further away from it. He thinks of his own feeling of being scared, but not ones does he think of "what about other people? what if he leaves". Not even when he returns to his apartment and notices that he has gone. This only makes him glad. Then he looses his nerve in front of his old friend who looks after him like a person gone mad, truly mad. He thinks he sees the thing he made.

At this point I started to think, whaaat is this actually a story of a man going insane and not a story about a man who actually created this thing? I have never before read Frankenstein, or don´t remember seeing a movie or don´t remember it, so it is possible I guess. It has never occured to me that this could be the case. Then I thought, wait at the beginning the people on the ship saw someone huge going on the ice with a sledge. Then again it could´ve been a big human and Victor could´ve just gone mad again and thought as he saw a big person that it was the being of his imagination. At the moment I really don´t know what to think, but it doesn´t really matter. The story has now gotten more interesting and easier to read, so I can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Chapter 6-10

He gets well and goes back to his studies, only he does not return to natural philosophy. He does not mention the being at all. He at last goes back to his family, upon the notice of the death of his brother. As he arrives close to town, he sees the creature again and thus believes that it is the murderer of his brother. And now, for the first time it seems, he feels the wrongness of him creating the being and being the reason for it wandering out freely.

Justine is sentenced and she is killed. Victor feels guilt over two wrongful deaths now and he soon leaves to another town, alone.

At the end of chapter 10 Victor meet with the creature, who wants him to hear his story.

Chapter 11-16

Ans and so began the story by the being´s point of view.. I actually felt a little sorry for him having met all these people who got scared of him and tried to hurt him, even he did nothing to deserve it. I wonder if he will tell about Victor´s brother, or does he even know about him?

He finally found a place he decided to stay as long as he could, a hovel. From there he followed the live of a family of three, a father and his two children. As he begun to understand what they were doing, he started to help them, but never risked being seeing by them. He lived with them, but without them. He felt with them, both joys and sadnesses of life. He started to learn some words and started to hope that he one day could talk to them. And he saw himself in a mirror, finally he knew what he looked like even he did not want to believe what he saw.

As the Arabian joined the cottagers, the creature learned the language and begun to understand a lot more of the world. Finally he presented himself to the old man, but as the younger ones came and saw him he had to run away. He wandered towards his creator. In the woods he saved a little girl and got shot by a man. Then he found the town with his creators family and met his little brother. First he tried to make friends with him, but as he learned he was a Frankenstein, he killed him. He waited for wanting to meet his creator, but then wandered back to the mountains. Then he did meet the creator and he asks in his lonesomeness that he create a friend for him. And this ends his story.

Chapter 17- 21

He consents to create him a woman. And because of this he leaves for London, leaving Elizabeth to wait for him, as his arrival will mean their marriage. He meets up with Clerval and he joins him to this journey. They get to London and are then invited to go to Scotland, where Victor leaves Clerval to spend time on his own, to work on the woman being at the remotest part of Scotland.

He is halfway done when he decided not to finnish the she creature. Of course right after this the being he did make comes to see him. After Victor leaves and ends up in Ireland where he is taken in for questioning of a murder immediately when he arrives. He survives this and is found not guilty, after he has suffered a fever, a madness again. The murdered was his friend Clerval. He leaves to Geneva with his father who has come to him.

Chapter 22-the end

He gets married and awaits for his own death. But it is Elizabeth that the creature murders. After all of this he goes into a hunt after the creature and that is how he ends up on the ship of Captain Walton. Walton tells his story to his sister in the letters he write. On the ship Victor dies himself and the creature comes to see him. Walton sees the creature. The creature leaves and thus ends this story.

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