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Dec 26, 2011

liked it
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Recommended for: Fans of YA love triangles?
Read from December 28 to 31, 2011

I hated this book (60%), then I liked it (30%), and then I loved it (10%).

The Black:

The most dreadful part of this series is the love triangle (which is, ironically, the most loved as well). I have an honest question, and I geniunely want to know the answer as well: Why do YA authors feel the need to include a love triangle? Why?

Back to Clockwork Prince; the Will-Tessa-Jem love triangle is quite possibly the worst I have ever had the misfortune of coming across.

There are several ways to make a love triangle in YA work:

1. Make the girl extremely easy to love and respect. To the point where it's plain as day why so many guys would find her attractive. (Successful example = Vampire Academy)
2. Make the girl romantically inclined towards one guy, but also seeing the appeal of the second. This works because that's pretty much how the readers will be viewing the love interests as well. (Successful example = Unearthly)
3. Make the girl independent, for Pete's sake! If she isn't as needy, the readers will most probably forgive her indecisiveness to an extent. (Successful example = The Hunger Games)

Needless to say, none of the above is the case here. Tessa is the most ordinary girl in the world, yet these two amazing, extraordinary guys fall instantly in love with her, of all people? And while I don't blame Tessa for being perfectly normal, I do blame Clare for not wooing me with her personality. If she's amazing enough to make two unflappable boys fall for her, why couldn't she make me at least like her? And in all fairness, I'm not a tough person to please.

So please, I beg you, omit the overdone love triangles. The girl will survive even if she doesn't have more than one boy besotted with her. I'm just so sick and tired of all these teenage boys being tormented by their past, those stupid normal girls coming and changing their lives, and everyone living HEA (sure, it hasn't happened yet, but this is YA, so it's practically a given, no?).

The Gray:

1. The plot is extremely unique and hugely entertaining. Pity it only appears after crossing the 300-page mark. All the drama and suspense regarding Mortmain and Benedict is thoroughly captivating, but again, I wish the focus had been more on the plot rather than the clichéd romance.

2. The characters also fit into this category. I like Will well enough, but he doesn't exactly impress me. His entire persona screams, "Been there, known him." In other lives, he's been Jace, Adrian, Patch, etc etc. So I like him, but I don't love him. I certainly won't be gushing about him anytime soon.

Jem barely registers on my radar. He's dull enough to be a side character, but Clare and Tessa are seriously determined about giving him a starring role. He's likable, but how can anyone be so blind? Tessa isn't the most subtle character in the book, and it's almost laughable that he didn't notice her feelings for Will.

And Tessa. Let's just say that the only times I've liked her are when she's quoting a passage, and end it at that.

The White:

1. The love that's usually reserved for main characters in books is devoted to nearly all the side characters in The Infernal Devices. Sophie, Charlotte, Henry, Gideon, are all fascinating characters, but we all know who the main delight is: Magnus Bane. How could I ever express how much I adore this mysterious warlock?

2. The writing is amazing! Clare has a real talent for bringing her story and characters to life. The quotations that appear at the beginning of every chapter also demonstrate how well thought-out and developed her books are. And despite the fact that I didn't enjoy this book all that much, I still can't stop myself from constantly thinking about it. Even if I don't like them, my mind keeps going back to the characters, wondering what problem is going to come up next. That alone says enough about Clare's writing prowess.

Favorite Quotes:

I feel myself diminished, parts of me spiraling away into the darkness, that which is good and honest and true—If you hold it away from yourself long enough, do you lose it entirely? If no one cares for you at all, do you even really exist?

If you are gone, there is no one in the world who cares if I am dead or alive. I feel myself dissolving, vanishing into nothingness, for if there is no one in the world who cares for you, do you really exist at all?

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12/28/2011 "Keeping all the reviews so far in mind, I should have a broken heart by the end of this book. I can hardly wait!"
12/28/2011 page 67
13.0% "Pretty boring so far. But I'm hoping that's just the calm before the storm."
12/29/2011 page 107
21.0% "“I would never let anyone touch a hair on your head. You know that, don’t you, Tess?” "
12/29/2011 page 284
57.0% "The plot has finally made an appearance! " 3 comments
12/30/2011 page 325
65.0% "Could you really love two different people at once? Could you split your heart in half? Or was it just that the time with Will on the balcony had been a madness induced by warlock drugs? Would it have been the same with anyone? The thought haunted her like a ghost. " 13 comments
12/31/2011 page 472
94.0% "I'm so happy! But knowing Clare, there's still enough of the book left for a huge shocker/cliffhanger to appear."
12/31/2011 page 492
98.0% "Vampire Diaries much?"
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MISS VAIN Hope you love it.:)

Dija I'm sure I will! Loved the first one, anyway. 8D

MISS VAIN This one is even better.:)

Dija That's what I've heard. :D

message 5: by Anzu (new) - rated it 1 star

Anzu The Great Destroyer I'm glad I'm not alone in this :D

Dija In reading this, or feeling bored?

message 7: by Anzu (new) - rated it 1 star

Anzu The Great Destroyer Feeling bored :))

Dija Then I'm glad I'm not alone as well. XD

message 9: by Anzu (new) - rated it 1 star

Anzu The Great Destroyer Ugh I hope I don't hate it :|

message 10: by Dija (last edited Dec 29, 2011 07:16AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija Yeah, me too. We'd be the only ones out, like with Fifty Shades. XD

message 11: by Anzu (new) - rated it 1 star

Anzu The Great Destroyer Exactly! But I'm cool with that. It's probably too mainstream for us :p

message 12: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija And we're too cool for it. ;D

message 13: by Anzu (new) - rated it 1 star

Anzu The Great Destroyer Exactly! I reached 27% and now I wanted to read but I don't wanna cuz I'm bored :/ What should I do? O.O

MISS VAIN Sorry you girls aren't loving it like I did.:/

message 16: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija @Anzu: Keep reading! It sort of gets better. XD

@Miss V & Wendy: Don't be sad! I've read about 60% of the book now, and while it still isn't anywhere near 5 stars, it's getting better. 8D

MISS VAIN Dija, I'll try not to be sad.;) LOL. We can't all have the same taste, I just wish we did!!;)) hehe

message 18: by Anzu (new) - rated it 1 star

Anzu The Great Destroyer Ugh 57%??? That far??? =))))

message 19: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija Progress, Anzu. I'm determined to finish this book before the New Year, and I'm really really hoping it'll end up being 5 stars because I wanna end this year on a good note, but we'll see.

VampireNovelFan Love triangle. Thanks for letting me know. I think I'll steer clear of this series for a while.

message 21: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija No problem, LOL. I wish somebody had informed me about this beforehand. I knew there would be a love triangle, but nothing as bad as this.

VampireNovelFan Bad ones drive me even more nuts.

message 23: by TJ (new) - added it

TJ Wonderful review, Dija! This is one I have been waiting for, now I won't worry about racing to get it. It can be a "when I get around to it" :)

message 24: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija Thank you, TJ! Your comments always make my day. 8D I'm glad you think so highly of my opinion, but a lot of people really loved this book. You might end up being in that category, so you shouldn't take this series completely off your watch just yet. :)

solaret Personal favorite couple: Sophie/Gideon. If only there'd been more details about their relationship...

message 26: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija I agree completely, Solaret! I really loved those two. I hope there will be more of them and less of Tessa in the next book, however unlikely that is.

♥Rachel♥ The love triangle in this one was hard for me too, Diji. I also felt it was impossible for Jem not to see that Tessa had feelings for Will. I do like Will though but I think a lot of his plot was unnecessarily tortuous. Great review. :)

message 28: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Great review, Dija!

message 29: by Dija (last edited Mar 16, 2012 11:16AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija @Rachel: I'm glad I'm not the only one who hated it, especially since nearly everyone I know adored this book and the love triangle. With everything else that's been happening recently, I don't think I'll be following Clare for long. And thanks! I loved yours too. Hope the next book makes up for this one!

@Kristen: Thank you! :)

Night Agreed.The love-triangle kind of made me reluctant to pick the book up again after i saw the obvious direction it was leading to. ><

message 31: by Envy (new)

Envy i love these books, but i wanted to counteract thst tessa is not as ordinary as you would seem to apply to this concept, sence the fact that tessa has a such a gift of shape shifting and will and jem are drawn to her and love her because of this and her beauty and personality of compassion

message 32: by Dija (new) - rated it 3 stars

Dija She's not normal or ordinary in the supernatural sense, but she's a completely ordinary girl when it comes to her personality. I, personally, don't find anything extraordinary or special about her character.

 Athena Ivashkova ~♥~ The part where you said Tessa'll survive even if she doesn't have more than one boy besotted with her is hilarious! It's so ironic, though. Everyone said she's independent and strong and so on...but I don't see it (even though I haven't read this book, LOL) Well Dija, I'm glad that if I don't come to really ike or love this like everyone else did, your're there <3 and awesome review! I love how your're so sure of your thoughts.

message 34: by Regina (new) - added it

Regina Absolutely agree with you on the issue with Jem. All three of them have contributed to the horrid mess they're in now, and my beef with Jem is how can he not REALIZE that Will is in love with Tessa? I mean for being intelligent and Will's parabatai, you'd think he would pick up SOMETHING.

message 35: by Nik (new) - rated it 4 stars

Nik I like side characters better than main characters. Tessa is a bit shallow for my taste. She is like a damsel in distress.

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