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The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter
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Dec 26, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: mythology, read-2012, supernatural
Read in June, 2012 — I own a copy

Personally, I love greek mythology, and I liked this book very much. This is a whole new perspective on Persephone's myth and I was impressed. I loved the Percy Jackson series, and I was glad there was a series for young adults that revolved around greek mythology.


The story starts off with a girl named Kate who is taking care of her mother (who has cancer). One of her mother's last wish (besides wanting Kate to live her life and enjoy her teenage years) was to go back to the town she was raised, which is Eden. And, when they get there, Kate enrolls in the local high school and mights the typical jocks, geeks, and preppy girls. The jock: Dylan, The geek: James, and The preppy girl: Ava.

She (slowly) becomes friends with James and is socially attacked by Ava. Cause Ava thinks Kate is trying to take Dylan away from her, so Ava pulls a prank. By telling Kate that they are going to a party, Ava takes Kate to the river by a Mansion right outside of Eden. Kate is terrified of water, but she still follows Ava across, and that's were Ava leaves Kate alone on the other side, and jumps back in the water to escape. But unfortunately for Ava, she dived in a shallow end of the river and hit her head. Despite what Ava did to her, Kate faced her fear and jumped into the river to save Ava's body, but it was too late. Ava died. Totally shocked and petrified, Kate tries to save her but can't.

That's when Henry shows up, who is Henry you ask? He lives in the mansion and claims to be Hades. Of course Kate didn't believe him, but when he brings Ava back to life, the impossible became possible. Henry then tells Kate that because he brought Ava back to life, Kate has to do something for him. He tells Kate to re-read Persephone's myth. Kate re-reads the myth and reaches a conclusion that she has to live as Henry's wife for every six months. When Henry comes back she refuses him, but Henry says if she doesn't concede by midnight the next day, Ava will die...again.

Kate believes that everything that has happend didn't really happen, and ignores him. Big mistake, Ava unfortunately dies. Kate couldn't believe that Ava died because of her mistake, so she goes to the mansion and says that she'll do whatever he wants if he agrees to bring back Ava. Henry said it was too late to bring back Ava, but he'll get rid of her mother's cancer for as long as she (Kate) wants, until Kate is ready to let her go. Kate agrees, therefore she has to live in the mansion for the next six months. Why? Because she has to pass seven tests to to be accepted as Henry's future wife, Queen of the Underworld, and a Goddess.

What she finds out that 11 other girls have tried before her and and have failed, because someone has been killing them off. The entire staff in the mansion take care of Kate as she lives her life in the mansion. Kate unfortunately doesn't know when the tests will be given, she has to be ready all the time. But from what Henry says, she is doing beautifully. The other gods ("The Council") will decided whether she passes or fails a test, but they are hidden, and do not reveal themselves until the end.

As the weeks go by, Henry and Kate spend time together and they learn about each other's lives. Kate is happy that her mother isn't affected by the cancer, and is even happier that she can visit her mother in dreams as well. Henry tells Kate how Persephone fell in love with a mortal man and asked for mortality just to be with him; leaving Henry behind. Persephone never loved Henry, but was forced to marry him because her mother, Demeter, though they would be good together. Henry still has feelings for her, but he falls in love with Kate and Kate falls in love with Henry as well.

After a while, everything is going well, until ____________ (not going to reveal who this is, read the book!) kills Kate. Henry finds Kate, but it's too late. BUT!!!! Kate's mom gives up her life to save Kate's. Kate lives, and faces The council to see if she will wins her immorality. She passes and is accepted as a goddess.

The book ends at Kate's final month at the mansion, she has too leave the mansion for the summer as Henry had promised. Kate leaves but is excited to return back to the mansion for Henry and her new family. Although, little do they know, trouble is still looming (in fact, it's like right around the corner) and let me tell you, revenge is a bitch.

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