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White Lies by Jayne Ann Krentz
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Dec 25, 2011

bookshelves: enhanced-human, fantasy-romance, mystery
Read from January 09, 2012 to October 04, 2013

A world of psychic abilities... and the Arcane Society, guided by and protected by Jones and Jones agency protect and police psychics... keeping files on them all, cataloguing and rating their ability.

Clare & Jake... Clare is a lie detector, level 10*; Jake is a hunter (and a Jones), also a level 10*... Lie detector is a rare gift, and one that is difficult to manage - all known have gone crazy eventually, because everybody lies, setting off the 'feeling'... but Clare has learned to manage it - to sort through the lies that are harmless, and those that are a problem... it has been her goal to work for Jones and Jones, but because of the history of lie detectors problems, she isn't considered. She works for a charity organization, detecting abusers and swindlers... Jake has a business degree, has his own investigation agency, and takes jobs from Jones and Jones.

Clare's mother was a secretary for Glazebrook Enterprises - at a low point had a one night stand with the boss, Archer. She resigned, moved away, started a new life, and had Clare... though Clare knew the name of her father, she did not want him to know about her, but when she got the feeling that her half sister Elizabeth was in trouble, she contacted her... and hence her father learned of her existence...

Jake is working to find out about a new Cabal; the report was that the upperclass of the town of Glazebrook's business was active in the cabal, so Jake contacts Archer for to be a pension consultant for the company while he tries to figure out who and what the cabal is ...

One of Archer's contemporaries, Owen Shipley, wants control of Glazebrook, for money to support the cabal's experiments, etc. so he gets his stepson on board (who is a hyptomist) to marry Archer's daughter, to mind control & drug her until she commits suicide, to kill Archer with a heart attack, kill Archer's son in a car accident, and then to step in with Owen's wife Myra and take over the company... Unfortunately, the first part of his plan fails when Clare shows up, feels the lies and evilness of his stepson... takes Elizabeth away with her and gets her back to health and to start divorce proceedings. 6 months earlier, when Clare goes to Elizabeth's for a visit, whe finds her exhusband dead at Elizabeth's house - (he was there to kill Clare, his angry lover killed him)... Archer, thinking Clare killed, uses his influence to protect her (thinking she did it to protect Elizabeth)... but the exhusband's mother has it in for Clare, making calls that lead to a break up with her fiance, losing her job, and not getting a new job.

so Archer invites her to town, wanting to give her a job setting up and administering a charity trust for him... and Jake steps in when he sees uproar with Archer's wife Myra starting... and Jake and Clare become inseparable. Jake's investigation is going no where... and as they spend time together, he decides to help her to find out who killed Elizabeth's exhusband, who is trying to kill her... and then they fairly quickly figure out that what happened is tied to his own investigation.

Clare is able to tell when Jake is lying - or telling part truths, and mostly lets it go... when he finally confides in her his true job, she isn't upset - why would he have told her the truth when they first met.... and for past relationships, sex with clare & others, she takes control - and confides that she could only fully let go with someone she trusted... and Jake, married for 6 months to a non-psychic person, and she felt he was too controlling... Clare observes he needs a woman who can accept his take control attitude, but know when and how to take control... and yes, he is the man she can trust, and she is the woman who can stand up to him... and when they do have sex, with her truth telling ability, she can tell he is totally into her... ahhhh.

Soooo... the cabal - you fail, you're out, lending a bit of desperation... Owen Shipley's failing... Owen has been taking the original cabal enhancing drug, though is doesn't last very long, and the side effects are insanity, and if cut off from the drug, insanity within 48 hours... When a psychic is 'running hot' (senses open and working), Owen can zap them with an mental energy ball, and knock them unconsious... When Jake & Clare figure out he is the bad guy, jake breaks into his house to find hard evidence, but Owen returns and knocks him out... then he goes to Jake's house and takes Clare the same way... then he takes them to the spa, locks them in the steam room, and sets it on maximum... they wake up - clare tells him they should open an agency together - Jake manages to open the ventilation shaft, and they get out... and then he surprises Owen and knocks him out -

they recover some of the drug, so that the Arcane can evaluate it... they get a glimpse of the cabal's plans (drugs, experiments, money, unethical)... jake & clare join together, both personally and professionally... hmmmm

and they introduce John Nash - cabal head...

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