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Cabin Fever by Jeff Kinney
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Dec 25, 2011

it was amazing

errence Faison
Cabin Fever Jeff Kinney
December 24, 2011

Here’s a boy name Greg Heffely. His life is practically unfair and awkward to him. He’s always in something because he loves being selfish or lazy. But that’s not it, he sometimes can be a quitter and most of the time use people. He has a brother named Manny and a big brother named Rodrick and he’s in the middle.
Although here’s Rodrick which is Greg’s brother. Him and Greg has major conflict when they get together. Rodrick is the type of person that when someone would say please help me, he’d say do it yourself. Rodrick loves drums and he loves hardcore metal music. Rodrick is practically a bully to his brother Greg.
The conflict is that Greg and Rowley was trying to put out the posters for their homemade carnival. So they put the posters on and they heard someone coming because they were on school grounds at the middle of the night. So they tried to take the posters down but the green on the inside of the poster got stuck to the wall. so it ended up on the news the next week. So they were looking for the person that was responsible for vandalism. Then the principal called Greg to the office and then he got in trouble for what he did which was a mistake by telling the truth.
The theme should be about your knowledge. If you was to read the book it would have a secret message in it. If you didn’t understand it or can’t find it, than I’ll show you by telling you. The theme is that you have to learn from your mistakes and learn how to go with life with the way how it is. The theme is that because Greg didn’t learn from his mistakes because he’s been warned over 50 times and he still does it anyway.
This book had been taken in a lot of places. The first setting was at Greg’s house with Manny and the family. The second setting took place at Greg’s school where he attended for all of his book series. The place took place where Greg had to wipe the snow off the sidewalks for 5 dollars by some old man house. The last setting took place at Greg’s grandma’s sidewalk where he’d go to get a sprinkler to spray the snow off the sidewalk.
The story has so many events that I can’t really say what’s the middle. The first thing that happened was that Greg began setting up the Christmas tree with his mom. The middle was when Greg got stuck inside the house with no electricity and no heat. The second middle part was when Greg got rewarded for going out in the snow and moving all the snow off the sidewalk. Lastly, the ending was when Greg and his mom found out that the electricity wires were off because Manny was being selfish and kept all of the heat and electricity in his room.
Toward the ending was very funny. Almost at the it showed Greg, his mom, and brother Rodrick. They were all lying in the same bed in the living room because the snow melted causing it flood up the basement. So it showed a picture of Greg, his mom, and his brother Rodrick laying in the living room freezing cold. Mean while, Greg’s dad was living up the life while in a bathroom and a warm comfortable king size bed.
At the end of the book it was resolved in a miracle. Well you can call it a miracle but I guess by mental knowledge. It was solved by Rowley telling them that the whole neighborhood has electricity. So, Greg started to look at the cable wire and one of them weren’t plugged up. Then Greg plugged it back up which let them have electricity.
If I had an recommendation, I don’t know who to give it to. There are a lot of people that would love to read this book. But the problem is that certain people would just swift threw it. I’d like to recommend this book to someone who would understand it. So I practically would like to recommend this book to Ms.Walsh. I’d do that because she’s mature and hopefully we’d discuss it one day.
In conclusion, it was a great book. Come to think about, it was one of the best books I’ve read so far. I love reading Diary Of a Wimpy Kid series because it’s funny, entertaining, and fun to read. It maybe seem to show that there are just people in a humorous book but if you really pay attention you’ll understand. Lastly, you’ll probably have the same thoughts I have about this book.

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