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Vampire Knight, Vol. 3 by Matsuri Hino
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Dec 25, 2011

really liked it

This book was entertaining because it had a lot of drama and vampires sucking. Literally. Llike they sucked human blood. But another one (Who I thought was actually really hot in the pictures that the author drew) Zero, he takes tablets. He in a weird twisted way is like the Cullens but it's still human blook. It was still an entertaining book don't get me wrong. But Twilight is a lot like the Vampire Knight series. Like so much alike it's not even funny. It's actually kind of creepy. But anyway this book is also very funny at parts. Like not so funny that you would laugh out loud, but funny enough to at least make you chuckle I guess. If that makes any sense. In this one Zero has more self control then in any of the other ones I think. And those people you see on the front cover? They are like the Voltori in a way. They tell Zero what he can and can't do, they tell him he isn't supposed to blow cover with they humans because then they would have to pick up his messs because he might loose control and things. But like I said, (well if I said it. Ya I think I said it but I will say it again.) Zero takes tablets that help him in a way. Sort of. I guess. But ya this book was good. I really actually read each book in one day. Pretty good.

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