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Dance with a Vampire by Ellen Schreiber
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Dec 23, 2011

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bookshelves: guilty-pleasure, young-adult-reads

It's prom time! And Raven wants to go with Alexander. At the same times, she also has to protect her little brother from Valentine, Jagger and Luna's little brother who has come looking for them.

Billy gets a bigger role in this book, and he seems like a fun character.

Valentine doesn't really act like a 12-year-old. How many tweens do you know that have ever utterred the words, "morbidly black sexy lace dress" (p. 92)? Okay, whatever that kid has been reading, he shouldn't be.

You want to know what really drags down this series? It's the complete lack of suspense. Once again, the climax, the part that is supposed to be the height of emotional content, is dull and disapointing. Where's the danger? The thrills? The suspense? This is a vampire book, for crissake! There should be some tension and a real sense of danger. There is none of that. Not just in this installment, but in all of the others so far.

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