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Crusade by Nancy Holder
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Dec 23, 2011

really liked it
Read from December 23 to 29, 2011

Okay, so, I'm still conflicted as to what to think.
In this book:
Vampires are bad- yes good. Check
Except for Antonio- really? Again?
Vampires don't sparkle- yes good. Check
Vampires are hurt by sunlight, garlic, prayer, crosses- yes good. Check
Except for Antonio- really? Again?
There are vampire hunters- yes good. Check
They don't all get along- yes good. Check
To the point of hating some teammates- really?
Jenn kills some vampires- yes good. Check
Except when she's with Antonio- really? Again?
Jenn can take care of herself- yes good. Check
Except when she's with Antonio- really? Again?
Jenn thinks she's "just Jenn"- really? Again?
Jenn becomes a leader- yes good. Check
Because she isolationist- really?

So I'm kinda tired of reading vampires. I'm thinking of writing my own where the vampire lover chomps off heads, cool right? I actually like Meg Cabot's vampire books because the vampire dies, yep. I love happy endings, but I just don't see how dead people and live people are gonna make it work.

As far as vampire books go, I liked this one more than others. Vampire hunters are cool and dangerous. Also, the world has essentially been taken over by bad vampires, slightly different take. Bad things also happen to the main characters. Eriko's best friend becomes a vampire and kills her other best friend. Jamie's family was killed. Jenn's father betrays her, her sister is turned into a vampire, and her boyfriend's a vampire. Oh wait, that's sexy, not bad, my mistake.

Jenn can fight. When her family is threatened she manages to stake some vampires. When she's overtaken by other hunters she's able to gain an advantage. But then she falters and stumbles. It makes her real. It's okay, except for the vampire boyfriend. HE WANTS TO EAT HER. Yeah he loves her. Yeah he controls himself. Yeah he's religious. But in the end all he wants to do IS EAT HER! BECAUSE HE'S A VAMPIRE!

I'm hoping that Jenn comes into her own in the next book and we can see some growth from her.
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message 1: by Rai (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rai I agree, compared to other books about vampires, this was really good. I admit it was lame how Jenn got weak when it came to fighting Antonio.

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