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Baby Proof by Emily Giffin
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Dec 23, 2011

did not like it
Read in December, 2011

Before beginning this review I was debating whether to label this a romance or "Chick Lit". Chick lit, because h This book seems to be inundated with all the stereotypes and hetero norms for a Chick lit. The story was about a New York City couple, Ben & Claudia, that are madly in love. Claudia has been hurt a lot in the past and ultimately decides that she doesn't want kids, a family or a husband. Until she meets Ben of course. Here we are introduced to the first stereotype. That women are often hurt by women, thus they begin to close up and not want love anymore. This typical in most "Chick Lit". After she meets Ben Of course, she decides they can date. After 7 months to make a long story shorter, they get married.

Ben feels the same way about having kids and they both agreed before marriage that they never want kids, but after a close friend of Ben had a baby, Ben changes his mind. It's completely out of the question for Claudia so they get a divorce. That really exemplified for me our society and showed me all the same features that a "chick Lit" contains. There was No counseling, no conversations, nothing - just divorce. It sort of reminded me of something like the Kim Kardashian Story.

Claudia then starts dating this guy from work and after he takes her to Lake Como and gives her a ring, she decides that she doesn't want to be with him. Even though she says in the book that she wants to stay with him. So she decides that she wants Ben back and will do anything even have a baby, to get him back. This is were i saw a contradiction in the book. The author portrayed Claudia as this strong, successful, and independent woman that won't compromise what she believes for anyone, but then she decides to go back to Ben and have children. This was a very clear picture of stereotypes for me. It shows that women are some how dependent and must have a man in their life in order to feel fulfilled they must have a relationship. She goes from Ben to her friend, then back to Ben. Make up your mind I thought. My question is why didn't they try to get counseling instead of a divorce.

OK so they get back together and have kids you would think right? Nope wrong. The stereotypes don't stop there. When they get back together Claudia changes her mind again about having kids and Ben refuses to not have kids with Claudia. She doesn't want kids, but he takes her back no matter if they have kids or not. So here we see that it shows that our society is full of wishy washy people right? Just like a “Chick flick”, Chick lit, or what ever you want to call it, it shows that one is easily swayed. After reading the book I hope they don’t have babies because they’ll probably change their mind and give them back to the hospital!

So overall this book was some what interesting, it had its funny moments and was kind of engaging but I wouldn't recommend it for those of us who are deeply intellectual and are activists, or go against the norm because this book essentially is the norm.
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