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Cleanse Fire by Anastasia V. Pergakis
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Dec 23, 2011

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You can’t beat the presence of elves in a fantasy world, can you? The pointy eared race has been prevalent throughout fantasy and myths and with Cleanse Fire: The Kinir Elite Chronicles we have the privilege of their company once more. The first instalment in a series of books, Cleanse Fire is full of action, romance, intrigue, honour and betrayal.

The novel opens with Captain Derac Vidor watching his wife, Maleena, die amidst the flames that engulf the headquarters of the Kinir Elite – a prestigious band of elves that conduct daring rescue missions of oppressed races. Ten years later Derac is absorbed in his duty and eagerly awaits the start of a new mission, memories of his wife’s death continue to haunt his dreams and only work can keep him together.

Working with an elite team of elves, Derac’s life is turned upside down when an internal conspiracy emerges to try and destroy members of the Kinir Elite. The threat is a very close one. Commander Palto Junta arranges a dangerous mission for Derac and his team at the Gorgot Mines and it soon becomes clear to them that they are not intended to return alive. Derac is forced to lead his team back to Kinir City to stop the Commander but the conspiracy within the Elite goes far deeper than Derac could possibly have imagined.

After an intriguing opening we quickly settle into a couple of quick missions for the Kinir Elite and the revelation that Commander Palto has some clandestine plans of his own. Not only does Derac have to contend with internal dissension within the Kinir Elite, he has the small matter of growing feelings for one of his team – Kie. Both Derac and Kie have troubled pasts and as the story unravels they are drawn closer together but with little time for romance amidst all the action will anything come of this love story?

I found Cleanse Fire to be a good and solid opening to The Kinir Elite Chronicles series. The characters were well conveyed with Derac and Kie having the most depth to them. The story is fun and eventful but I do wish it had lasted a little longer. If there were any issues with the book it was that the narrative remained on the surface of Pergakis’ fantasy world. The locations in Cleanse Fire are well crafted but I always like to know a bit about their background, that may just be the love of history in me, I guess. Elves, dwarves, fairies and humans lived in close proximity to each other but I was left thirsty to learn more about the societies, dive deeper into this fantasy world and learn more about the magic that is used.

There is great potential for The Kinir Elite Chronicles series and given the outcomes of Cleanse Fire I am very intrigued to see how Pergakis will develop the story and the characters in the next instalment.
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