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This World We Live In by Susan Beth Pfeffer
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Dec 22, 2011

did not like it

Reviewed by SusanAshlea

*Warning: spoilers ahead*

I’m not entirely sure where to start on this one. Life as We Knew It focused on Miranda and her family in rural Pennsylvania, while The Dead and the Gone focused on Alex Morales and his two sisters in New York City. This World We Live In, the 3rd and final installment brings those two families together. I am having a hard time thinking of ways to discuss this because it was by far the most disappointing in the series. I am certainly glad I didn’t pay the full $7 for this and after having read it and digested my thoughts, I’m more grateful than ever for the LendMe feature on my Nook…though I feel sorry for the person I borrowed it from because she had to pay full price for the ebook.

Spoilers Ahead!

First things first. Here is what I DID like:

•Miranda’s dad finally returned and Lisa had her baby, a boy named Gabriel. This was equally hard and joyous for Miranda because for so long she had imagined that Lisa had a girl and named her Rachel. It wasn’t a baby sister, but Miranda seemed happy that Lisa and the baby were both safe.

•Miranda’s mom being so accommodating to her ex-husband and his new “family”. Miranda’s mom wasn’t my favorite person in the series, but I’m glad she did show some compassion to her extended family.

•and…well, that’s about it.

What I DID NOT like:

•Alex was just as annoying and arrogant as ever. He was so busy following his big brother’s orders concerning Julie that he never once stopped to listen to what she wanted. Yes, he was a 17 year old boy who had managed to care for his 13 year old sister for a year, but that did not make him all-knowing. He kept reiterating how he wanted to make sure Julie was somewhere safe, but wouldn’t take into consideration that staying with Hal and Lisa was “safe”. He insisted that the only place she would be safe was in a convent. I’m not sure how he figured that because convents had just as much difficulty getting by as everyone else, as was proven later in the book.

•Matt turned into a loony jack-ass. He was a great source of strength and safety for Miranda, as well as the rest of the family, in the first book. In this one – which picked up not long after the first one left off – he was perhaps the most irritating character. He took his brother on a camping trip to find fish, and came back with a wife. He kept saying he loved her when I think he meant he was 18 and liked having as much guilt free sex as he wanted. The rest of the family was just expected to like her instantly. And he had a serious issue with anyone who didn’t.

•Miranda hated Alex one minute and the next minute she couldn’t live without him. If she only knew that by being with him forever, he’d expect her to do all the cleaning, cooking, mending and caring of the babies, seeing as he didn’t even know how to boil pasta in the 2nd book.

•Syl wasn’t so awful, honestly. She was pretty honest about everything from the get-go, but what she did with Horton was simply not her place. As a cat owner, I can completely understand why the rest of the family was so upset with her.

•Alex was so busy insisting that God would provide that he didn’t stop to see that God WAS providing for him and his sister. Yes God loves those of us who stay faithful, but He also works in mysterious ways. Just because Alex thought God would provide for him and his sister in a certain way and that didn’t happen, didn’t mean that God wasn’t providing for them.

•As much as it hurts to say this, I think Miranda did the right thing at the end where Julie was concerned.

And perhaps my BIGGEST gripe:

•Nothing really happened! It’s been a year. There’s still no food. The town is empty. There’s still ash in the sky. There was no plot progression at all about whether or not things were looking up. For a family that listened to the radio every night, they certainly didn’t seem to have a handle on whatever “current events” were happening. We were basically left to assume the family moved on and survived. I would much rather have read about their struggle to find a safer place to live than read a couple hundred pages of them bitching at each other. The only redeemable characters in the book were Hal and Lisa.

I give this one a 1 Moon rating.

The writing was good enough to keep me reading but as a series ender it left a lot to be desired. I still recommend this one to anyone like me who get 2 books into a trilogy and NOT find out how it ends.


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