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Blood Rites by Quinn Loftis
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Dec 22, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: shifters

I am in love with this series--It's official! I re-read Prince of Wolves,book 1, before diving into blood Rites just because I loved the chemistry between Jacque and Fane. Besides a supercharged romance, Jacque has loyal friends and family that provide an amazing and somewhat amusing supporting cast. This wonderful series never fails to make me laugh and cry right along with the characters. I am not sure why but it always reminds me of "Jessica's Rules to Dating on the Darkside". I think it is the strong Romanian Prince only this one is a very Hot Werewolf.

Blood Rites starts about a week after "Prince of Wolves" concludes. Jacque and her best friends, Sally and Jen, are getting ready for her bonding ceremony with Fane. On the way to the bonding, Jacque, her friends, and her mother Lily are in a dangerous car accident. Fane is nearly crazy with worry. It turns out that the one doctor on staff that is Wolf is the sister of Lucas Steele, the Alpha Fane killed at the end of book 1. To make matters worse, Dillion, Jacque's real father and Alpha of the Denver Pack, decides he should intervene to protect her until she is 18. What follows is a roller coaster of emotions and laughter that will have you unable to put the book down. Seriously, clear your day!

Jacque also gets kidnapped from the hospital while still ill and Fane has to find her before it is too late. It is a race against time to get Jacque what she needs to recover. The end was perfectly romantic and swoon worthy. I cried tears of happiness for tese characters. I absolutely can't wait to read the next one which is due out in Feb/March 2012. Jen, Jacque's smartmouthed friend, will come to terms with what she really wants and who she really is. I would absolutely recommend this series to anyone who enjoys YA paranormal romance.
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Quotes Jody Liked

Quinn Loftis
“Kiss me, k-k-kiss me, infect me with your love, and fill me with your poison, take me, t-t-take me, wanna be your victim, ready for abduction boy, you're a werewolf, your touch is so furry, its supernatural, extra-werewolf-iestrial," Jen sung as loud as she could.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

Quinn Loftis
“You're so hypno-something, could you be the devil, could you be an angel, your touch is something good, feels like
going floating, leave my body glowing."

"Katy Perry? She's singing Katy Perry in the hospital bathroom. Just when you think you've seen it all," Sally mumbled. She knocked on the door again. Still no answer, so she started banging. Then she was banging and hollering, "JEN! OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!" Wouldn't you know, she just sang louder. Why am I not surprised, she thought.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

Quinn Loftis
“Do all of you think we have fleas?" Decebel asked as he looked at Jen and Sally.
"I think we just make an assumption because of the hair and what not, that you, ya know, might have a problem with the little buggers when you in your wolf form.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

Quinn Loftis
“His mate is the light that keeps that darkness at bay. She fills the hole that has been growing ever larger in his soul. When the bond is completed between mates, their very souls merge and the male will be able to leash the darker part of his nature and at last be at peace with his wolf.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

Quinn Loftis
“She gets a man who will love her completely and faithfully. She gets a man who will not only save her life, but lay down his own to keep her safe. He will provide for her no matter the cost, he will shelter her against all storms that come their way, he will be the one to bring a smile to her face when no one else can. She gets a friend, a lover, a mate, the only man in this world who can complete her and give her the other half of her soul.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

Quinn Loftis
“Decebel turned and growled, "One of these days your mouth is going to write a check that your cute little ass can't cash." Decebel thought this would render her speechless but he should have known better.
"Oh, don't worry fur ball, I plan to be writing that check out in your name.”
Quinn Loftis, Blood Rites

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