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Shattered Souls by Mary Lindsey
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Dec 21, 2011

really liked it

A delightful story that I really enjoyed. (RN: If you have been following me on twitter, you know that I have been pining after this book like forever.) The thing that I really enjoyed is that we instantly fall in love with our heroine. I also like that she is very witty and may or may not be insane like Lenzi feels that she is going.

This is told very much from her viewpoint. I like that we are getting a female heroine who is not afraid to admit that she needs help from time to time. Also like how Zak is portrayed in the beginning. Zak and Lenzi’s relationship seems to be very sweet and memorable. I like that this side of the relationship is portrayed. It gives us something that we can look forward to possibly.

Alden comes into the picture and thinks that Lenzi is this women he knew many life times ago. I like this twist that him and Lenzi/Rose are reborn and are a team. She is a Speaker and he is a protector. Which is a very nice dynamic. There is some tension, but it’s a great way to build their relationship and the trust these two will need.

So many Hindred are around. Hindred are spirits who are tortured and need to finish something. Alden is very patient with Lenzi and teaches her what she needs to know. I really like the concept and execution of this concept. These ghosts need someone to speak to and Lenzi is the medium or the way they speak. Great to also see the romance between these two.

So many incredible turns that I didn’t expect. Especially the disintegration of the relationship between Zak and Lenzi. Lenzi is like totally upset with the jealously issues that Zak has. Zak goes like completely bonkers at one point. This almost becomes unbearable. I really like how Zak’s development from sweet lovable guy to get rid of this loser was handled. It was handled by a very adept story teller.

The romance between Alden and Lenzi/Rose was handled well. What I love is that Alden doesn’t take advantage of his knowledge about their past lives. Also like how Lenzi tells him she is her own person. This was extremely important as I felt the characters grew so much in this novel.

This book was wonderful. Plus I loved the cover to this book very much. I’m a bit of an impulse buyer for a beautiful cover.

Rating: 5 Hearts

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