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Struck by Jennifer Bosworth
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Dec 21, 2011

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Read from January 11 to 16, 2012

Sigh. With all of the author vs reviewer drama lately, I do not like the idea of being the first person to have anything remotely negative to say about a book, but I guess someone has to be the first, right? Here goes.

Pros: World-building, lack of typical YA love triangle, unique premise, insightful.

Cons: Insta-love, semi-weak character development.

Going in to Struck, I had some concerns that the religious aspect would be too much for me. Coming from a non-believer, I’m not sure how someone of extreme faith would perceive Struck. I guess time will tell. I personally thought the religious aspect was brilliant, and reflected humanity accurately.

Everything about Struck is unique. I think the originality is enough to grab any reader, at least momentarily, whether the rest of the story works for them or not. The concept of a girl being addicted to being struck by lightning is certainly nothing I have ever encountered before. It was interesting getting inside of Mia’s head and seeing what made her crave such an off the wall thing. Without the fantasy aspect, none of it would be believable, and I think the fantasy was done in a subtle way that wasn’t too much, or too little. The world in which Struck takes place is definitely fascinating.

Unfortunately, the world-building is really the only aspect of this novel that worked for me well enough to say I really liked it. I thought the characterization was lacking a bit (with the exception of a few convincing secondary characters), and the romance didn’t have much development. Not only was it instant, but it doesn’t really come up until well into the story, which made it that much more frustrating. (I would have been fine with this, had their relationship not played such a crucial role in the outcome of the story.) Jeremy was a character that I didn’t feel I really got to know, so it was difficult to care about their relationship at all, let alone root for them.

Overall, Struck is a compelling and unique debut. I’ll be looking out for whatever Bosworth comes up with next.
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01/13/2012 page 126
34.0% ""Jeremy, a stalker? No way. A guy like Jeremy didn't need to stalk." -P.86 of ARC. 40 pages past that now; it has little to do with the story and yet it's STILL bothering me. *sigh*"
01/16/2012 page 294
79.0% "Gag me. So not a turn of events I was expecting."

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Wendy Darling Hm. I'm curious about this one, so I may still give this a shot...but it's good to know to temper my expectations. (Hey, I live in L.A.) Great review, Amanda!

Wendy Darling P.S. You have to read Partials! A-mazing.

Amanda (Good Choice Reading) Yes give it a shot! I'll be interested in hearing what someone who is from the area thought about the setting. I enjoyed it but my knowledge of LA is pathetic at best, LOL.

Definitely adding Partials to my TBR, it sounds great!

Damaris (GoodChoiceReading) Amanda, I have partials and I can send to you when I am done.

Rebecca I pretty much felt the same way. It's a good debut and I'll try more from the author. I liked the lack of love triangle and the unique story. I just wasn't crazy about the romance, it seemed too fast and underdeveloped.

Amanda (Good Choice Reading) @Rebecca, definitely agree!! Such a great premise, though!

message 7: by Maria (new)

Maria I felt the same way. I'm still reading it right now and I can't really get myself to be into Mia's relationship with Jeremy. Maybe if the author told the reader more about Jeremy, than I would be into him.

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