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The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski
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Jun 20, 2008

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** This book was sort of a chore to get through. Sometimes I was very interested, others not at all. I felt it could have been about 200-300 pages shorter than it was, for sure. There is some beautiful description, but then there are times the author spends pages and pages describing something that you later realize had nothing to do with anything else. As for the ending... UGH! I thought it ended terribly. I found myself thinking about Trudy, Edgar's mother...

She miscarries numerous times
She has Edgar, who is mute
Her husband is killed by his brother
Dr. Papineau is killed in her home, accidentally by her son
Her son runs away
Their favorite dog dies
Her son is killed by his uncle
Her barn burns down
All the dogs leave

Geez... No one lived through this book, except the one person who, if I were her, would be wishing for death after all that happened.

It just really disappointed me. I really agree with all the reviews here, by reviewers that also gave the book 1-3 stars. So much of this book felt unneccessary and the ending was sooooo unsatisfying, not at all hopeful and certainly not upbeat. Blah.
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Carla Did I miss something, didn't the mother also die in the end. I was very dissappointed with this book. Edgar new Claude killed his father, but it was never told what he saw, if he saw anything. Read Goldcoast by Nelson DeMille, if you haven,t already, I read alot and found this book outstanding. Yes I likedd your review, not Oprah's.

Gwen Haaland Unfortunately for her, the poor Mother was still alive after watching everyone she loved die, the barn devoured by flames and her beloved dogs desert the farm. She lay on the ground watching in shock. We can only guess that she might have gone crazy after all that happened. No one was alive to answer any questions except the blind and crazed Glen.

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