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Forbidden by Megan Curd
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Dec 21, 2011

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I don’t normally read YA books, but I decided to go outside my normal genres and read something different for a change. Forbidden was a pleasant change.
This book takes the concept of a guardian angel and expands it. In the world of Forbidden, there are various supernatural agents that operate all over with different purposes. Besides the Guardians, there are Guards—those who have went to hell but guard over certain humans in some sort of “work program”. They are not demons or evil but not necessarily heavenly or good either. There are also creatures called Fallen and Hunters that are vicious and terrifying. Each one of has different purposes and tasks to perform in the human world, and sometimes, those purposes conflict.
One of the main things I liked about this story was the simple, straight forward storyline. It seems like many of the books I’ve read lately get bogged down by numerous characters. The authors have a good story concept, but they seem to want to constantly switch the story back and forth between the perspectives of many different characters. I don’t even get a chance to get a feel for one person, before the author switches to someone else, and then another and another. Forbidden has a small number of main characters that the reader really gets a chance to know and love.
The book is presented through the eyes of Levi, a guard entrusted with protecting the human, Hannah. This becomes problematic though, when the universe appears to have plans for Hannah that Levi doesn’t agree with. Levi and Hannah form a bond that becomes the focal point of the story. You will definitely find yourself empathizing with Levi as he struggles to understand and deal with the thoughts and emotions of a teenage, human, girl. There was plenty of angst and emotional drama involving these two characters throughout the story, so if that isn’t something you are prepared for, this may not be for you. The author does a good job though of not getting bogged down in the love story.
While the relationship between Levi and Hannah may be the central topic that drives the plot, there are many other parts to the story. There are mysteries that unfold over time and great subplots involving the other main characters that provide depth to the book. Also amidst the emotional drama, there are some good action scenes between the various otherworldly members.
Overall, this was a fun, quick read that I enjoyed and would recommend to anyone of all ages. I look forward to reading more about the continuing adventures of these characters.

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