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Spontaneous Happiness by Andrew Weil
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Dec 21, 2011

it was ok

sadly, this book was what i thought it would be. meh.

i felt like some kind of... alternative hippie for even checking this book out. i felt... embarrassed. but then i thought - hey! that's lame, just see what it's about and make your judgement then! so i did. if i recall, i was interested in this book based on dr. weil's anti-inflammatory diet information - maybe i'd read a glancing bit on it.

rating this book 2 stars by no means diminishes what this book is about - i think it could be helpful for some - just not for me. i was irritated by the phrase "a field i created", like reading a professor's book for the class they're teaching.

and as many have noted in reviews, it seemed to be more for people looking for alternative ways to combat depression, not really "create" happiness.

very buddhist in nature, with ideas that were unsurprising to me. that we make our own happiness, that our own emotional stance creates happiness, that we aren't supposed to be blissfully happy 24/7, that your physical and emotional selves are linked, that you are what you eat, and so on.


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