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The Pleasure of Bedding a Baroness by Tamara Lejeune
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Dec 20, 2011

did not like it

This is one of those books where I'm not sure why I finished it, but I kept thinking, this has to get better and how much worse can this get?

Except for an old nurse, none of the other character's are likeable/sympathetic. The heroine (Patience) is rude, sanctimonious, and if you believe all her ramblings on America, kind of an idiot. It's like the author forgot to give her any other traits besides "American." Pretty much every scene she's in she says something like "In America..." and then follows it something inane like "We dance hand in hand, not hand in glove" or "We have an aristocracy, but it is an aristocracy of talent, not birth."

It's one of those romances where the only reason they get together is because it's a rule of a genre. Based on the character's interactions, it makes no sense as to why they even like each other. By the time the hero, Max, declares his love, they've had 3 actual conversations/scenes, and he already decided he would marry her after the first. (I actually flipped through the book, thinking that they've had to have interacted more). The heroine think he's (view spoiler) for about half the book based on some lies told to her. Even after she learns the truth, he's still (view spoiler) She spends most of the book hating him, but once (view spoiler).

And then it gets ridiculous (spoilers for the entire last third of the book):
(view spoiler)

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