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A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
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Dec 20, 2011

really liked it
Read in December, 2011

A Dance With Dragons deserves a solid 4.5, but once again, I am limited by goodreads crude rating mechanism.

In some ways, this fifth book is the exact same as the other four - prepare to watch some of your favorite characters suffer gruesome deaths or horrific injuries, for cliff hangers that want to make you go strangle George RR Martin, and for a book you sometimes can't put down. This series has become some sort of highly addictive drug for me - the first high was the best one, I can't seem to stop, and when deprived, I find myself anger and embittered, craving more. Unfortunately, now I join the hundreds of thousands of people addicted to this series and will most likely be left for 5-6 years hanging without the sequel.


But, would I recommend this narcotic series to someone else? Yes, yes I would. However, I would advise them to wait till the whole series was completed and then to read all 7 sequentially. That would be the best way to approach these books - the story is so enrapturing that you start to feel like some helpless overseer watching your beloved children die and suffer while you are unable to do anything.

A Dance With Dragons was a fantastic book though in the series. The current over for me is 1>2>5>3>4

Happy Readings to All

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