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Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell
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Dec 19, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: missing-parent-syndrome, dreaded-love-triangle, will-not-read-again
Read on December 19, 2011

If I could sum up my feelings on this book in one word, it would probably be "disappointment". Not that this book is bad, precisely, but because it had potential to be so much more than it was, only to take a turn for the Twilight about halfway through.

Mechanically, this book is excellent. The protagonist's voice is funny without being flippant, and there aren't any grammatical errors to be found. (Considering I picked this book up for $.99 off Amazon, I thought this should be mentioned.)

I actually really liked the first third of the book. Our protagonist, Scout, is quirky without coming across too cliched, and she seemed to have a really positive relationship with her step-brother, Jase, and half-sister, Angel. (view spoiler) Even when the main love interest, Alex, is introduced, the author seemed to be carefully balancing plot with romantic development. Some YA PNR's have a tendency to make the love interest far more developed than the protagonist, and I was initially relieved that we weren't getting bombarded with Alex's backstory. (view spoiler)

Once Scout's relationship with Alex takes off, though, the book goes downhill. (view spoiler)

What really frustrated me with this book was the fact that there was so much interesting material to work with. Part of me wonders if this is due to using Scout as our narrator. While it's true that she learned things as the reader did, I was personally way more interested in Jase, for one. (view spoiler)

I wasn't surprised when I got on Goodreads and saw that this is the first book of a trilogy. There isn't really a conclusion, but it's not precisely a cliff-hanger, either. In fact, the book just sort of runs out of gas and coasts to a stop. (view spoiler)

I'd say this book was okay, but nothing out of the ordinary. Pretty much another Twilight-wannabe (minus the vampires), and we all know there are enough of those out already. I have no plans to continue the series.

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