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Enemies and Playmates by Darcia Helle
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Dec 19, 2011

it was amazing
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I am one of those fortunate ones that didn't come from an abusive home. I do have 2 friends that I knew in Jr high and high school who WERE though. I think I can relate to Carrie from this story - the helpful friend who is in the dark about knowing what to do to fix things.

This story was awesome - I really loved it - I've read about "Oh I was abused as a child which is why I turned out this way" in many other books - but this book is first hand information as it all happens right now.

We start off the book with Lauren and her 2 friends Gina and Carrie hanging out at a bar - Carrie and Gina are easy and outgoing, comfortable in their own skin and anxious to hook up with the next hot thing - Lauren isn't that way.

She has issues with getting close to guys - it's not just because she comes from an abusive home. She knows there are good guys out there who don't raise a hand to their wives, but how do you know who you can trust?

So Lauren was sitting at the bar watching her friends dance, wishing she had the guts to go out there and join them, when her eyes meet up with the tall dark and sexy stranger at the other end of the bar. He's looking right at her.. and he's not taking his eyes off.. Not wanting to get caught looking interested, she turns away. But she can still feel his intense stare boring into her back - she peeks again and yes he's still looking.

She turns back around, then out of nowhere, he appears right next to her. "I'm sorry for Staring, Well no, I'm really not. I'm just sorry for being so blunt about it.... Can I sit here and buy you a drink? ,,,, One drink? Then if you want me to get lost, I promise I will."

Lauren couldn't help but smile "You've got a deal"
He slid onto the stool. "My name is Jesse Ryder."
"Lauren Covington"
"Covington? Any relation to Alex Covington?"
"he's my father. Why?"
"I've been doing some work for him...."

YIKES - that doesn't say much about this guy! Lauren knew her dad was the top dog of the city - the best DA who would do ANYTHING to win a case. So how was this guy mixed up with her father? And how much did he really know about him?
She should tell him to get lost, instead she looked up and got lost in his eyes.

When Lauren's friends return from the dance floor, they introduce themselves to Lauren's new friend.
When Gina asked Jesse if he was here alone his eyes still locked on Laurens, "I was. But I hope I'm not anymore... I'm on probation till Lauren finishes her drink."
Lauren laughs "Probation period is over." He can STAY!!! lol

When Laruen finally becomes sane and realizes she is crazy for hanging out with this guy - he works for her father of all people, she makes up an excuse and leaves him with her friends.

Luckily Jesse is a smooth talker and was able to get Lauren's number from her friends before he left :)

Things at home for Lauren weren't going very well. When she walked in her dad had her 17 year old brother up against the wall yelling in his face about finding a job - Stephen isn't the manly man that Alex Covington wanted in a son, in fact, he's a pretty big loser in his eyes. Lauren was the strong one, the one that always had something to say - if only she had been born a male.

Alex has a messed up head - he's very controlling and very sure of himself. He works hard to get people to trust him. But his life isn't perfect.

Kara is a sweetheart of a mother - she loves her 2 children unconditionally. And when they tried to step in and stop their father from hitting her, it just made him more angry, so she begged the children not to interfere anymore. It only made things worse. She knew this wasn't the life she wanted to live, but how do you get away from someone like Alex Covington? He would kill her for breaking up his perfect family and causing a scene.

Stephen - 17 year old kid - takes a lot of crap from his dad, he use to be close with Lauren, but lately, he's been distancing himself away.. hanging out with new friends - drinking, drugs - anything to numb the arguing and hitting they hear day after day ...

This story has a lot of ups and downs. It's a very emotional book. The romantic scenes between Lauren and Jesse are very mild (which is why I think the cover is very misleading) But it's sweet and caring and loving and really is a great story.

There are a lot of people that don't like Alex Covington, and a lot of people who are trapped into doing things for him, and even more people on his payroll - so bringing him down is going to be tough - and bringing down his posse with him is going to be even tougher, especially while they're all trying to kill you

A lot of twists and turns and surprises - the nonstop action of chases going on til the very last page -

I really loved this story :)
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