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The Game by Neil Strauss
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Dec 19, 2011

it was amazing
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I give this book a 5 star with a caveat. If you are an attractive woman, you should definitely read this book! If one is interested in picking up women, then this is the book for you. It is an amazing tomb of knowledge that can help a guy overcome his lack of confidence and work on his technique to the point where he can achieve his goals... as sordid as they may be. I wish I knew the contents of this book when I was in high school. As the author says, the one regret that I have in life is that I didn't fool around more. As a guide for picking up women, I doubt one could do better than this book. It is a fast and entertaining read.

At the same time, there are some concerns I have. The skills that are taught in this book I compare to nothing short of being not too unlike a superpower. ... no, I am not kidding. Or at the very least, a magician or super hypnotist. The ability to walk into a bar or any location and walk out with a woman and sleep with her is literally a shocking revelation. "That stuff doesn't happen except in books or on tv!" But it does.

The problem, as with any power, is abuse and the potential to develop a callous indifference towards the women these guys pick up. Let me be honest here... the thought of sleeping with any woman at any time, often multiple women at the same time, is an intoxicating wet dream for every guy out there. If you're a guy and you deny this, you're lying to yourself. Guys live for women. It is our obsession, our passion our desire.

We rate each other on our potential as a man based on the female yard stick. This includes at what age we first slept with a woman, how old she was respective to our age (the younger we are are and the older she is, the better, and no, I am not lying), the length of our tools, the size of our tools, it goes on, ad nosium. Our very worth is based on our ability to "score" with women, if not by the size of our pocket book. Sad, but true.

The only thing holding man back from true wanton callous indifference is fear. Fear of asking that girl out. Fear of her rejecting us. And, as if by magic, Neil Strauss has delivered the secrets of the universe (in an absolutely beautiful book depicted in a biblical manner) to our hands; the ability to sleep with any woman we want, just like Johnny Depp in Don Juan de Marco.

The problem is this "power" can A) be abused and B) cause men to see women as disposable trophies to be used and cast away, moving on to the next "kill."

I hate to say it, but... I honestly believe that man is not ready for this "power." We don't treat women with respect as it is, the last thing we should be doing is taking away their sovereign right and power to say "no" or reject us out of hand through the instrument of magic words and strategically placed "negs.*" I don't believe guys can wield this "power" without getting caught up in the plethora of rewards. The potential to use women while being indifferent to their feelings is too great. I'm being honest when I say that I hope that this book does not fall into the hands of the majority of the kids out there. If it does... then women beware.

* A "Neg" is a way to put the girl down in front of her friends to get her attention. Something like, "oh, you have lipstick on your teeth," or, "god, is she always so demanding?" It is used on the guy's target, in front of her friends, to put her off and to get her to notice you. .. it works.


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