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Storm Warning by Mercedes Lackey
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Dec 18, 2011

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I'm a big fan of the Valdemar books though I recognize their many weaknesses. I first read this book nearly fifteen years ago, so while I remembered the basic plot structure, some of the characters, and a scene here and there, a lot of it was practically new to me.

I found on reread that this was one of the less enjoyable books in the series. I really wasn't crazy about how long it took for anything to start happening. Compare the start of the Mage Storms -- over 100 pages of wandering in the countryside -- to the start of the Mage Winds, which picks up on both Elspeth and Darkwind in medias res before establishing their lifestyles that are about to change. It's about 200 pages into Storm Warning before anything dramatically solid happens. Karal himself takes a long time to become more than a generic lead. An'desha is definitely the more unique and compelling of the two characters, and his character arc is considerably stronger in this book. I think Misty could have benefited from splitting focus between the two of them more evenly, the way she did in Winds of Fate with Elspeth and Darkwind.

Once things pick up, though, it's easy to forgive the early boring stuff. The Mage Storms books are the culmination of everything that's been building since Arrows of the Queen. It all leads up to this, the event that we've been gathering people and resources together all along to stand against. And once the storms themselves arrive and start wrecking their havoc, it's pretty easy to fall into the rhythm of things and forget about how long and uneventful the first half of the book was.

I'd rate this 2.5 if we could, but I tend to go by the goodreads definition for each star rating, and my opinion does fall closer to "I liked it" than "it was okay." I really enjoyed the character of An'desha, Karal eventually endeared himself to me, and I enjoyed watching the cast of the earlier series, especially the Mage Winds characters, making their appearances here and there. I found myself really getting invested in the Firesong/An'desha relationship, too -- which, remembering mostly how that ends, is a bad move on my part. I hope that the next two books in the trilogy don't suffer from the same slooooooooow burn. I have a lot of tolerance for people sitting around talking, and this shit was still bananas.
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"Firesong is the most fabulous of all."
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"Karal is not as interesting a character as I remember, hopefully this picks up."
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"100 pages of Karal's boring adventures. Finally back to An'desha and Firesong, thank god."
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"Identifying with An'Desha more than I probably should. Needs more of him and less of Karal."
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"Hurray, this is finally picking up. I like An'desha so much more than Karal."
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"Oh. I sort of knew this was going to happen because I didn't remember what this character contributed to the big climax of the trilogy, and a lot of hints were being dropped, but it still makes me sad :("
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"A compliment for Mercedes Lackey since I make fun of her so much: I think she writes grief very well."
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"rrrr I'm getting all invested in Firesong/An'Desha this time even knowing how heart-rending that shit gets. I liked this ship better when I was homophobic."
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