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Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas
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Dec 18, 2011

really liked it
Read from June 02 to 05, 2012


When browsing on Amazon one afternoon later last year I came across an interesting novel with a twisted, but fascinating concept; Stockholm Syndrome. Now for all those readers who enjoy a dark erotic tale and who are not shy of a psychological mind ride then I am sure you will be as intrigued by Comfort food as I was. I only regret not reading it sooner, and I have to thank Holly for rekindling my memory for I would have let it sit, unread on my kindle for who knows how long.
Going into this story I was not shy to the concepts involved, I have to wonder if that made the story better or worse for I was not really once to shocked by the situations and how they unfolded throughout the story, however it made for one hell of a read that I was deeply engrossed in from the get go. For those who are squeamish about BDSM I would not recommend you reading it, and for those who are uncomfortable with non-consensual slavery [as Kitty puts it] I would recommend you read it, if only to break out of your comfort zone because it is not at all what I expected.

The narration is mostly told through Emily’s perspective as she starts from day one in captivity to the bitter end [no spoilers there] however throughout the novel we also get to take a look at it from both capture and captive’s perspectives as the relationship between them progresses both mentally and physically. Kitty did a fantastic job with the main male character keeping him nameless and without a voice for the entire novel; it not only added strength and depth to the progression of the story and their relationship but did so in an unconventional way that I found really had an impact on my psyche. There were times when I would realize that he had never said a word and almost feel insane with the need for him to speak, and as the story moved forward pushing Emily’s boundaries and mine I started to feel for him even despite the horrific thing he did.

Comfort food is more than an erotic novel and if you are looking for something to make you all hot and sweaty I would suggest looking elsewhere. It was morbidly seducing and my experience was strongly affected personally. The whole experience of the soup, it being a comfort and something to control someone by made for an interesting twist, as did the events that unfolded nearing the end. Scarily I could connect with Emily, the intense feelings that she underwent and that continued to blossom as the story moved forward to the bittersweet ending and I loved that we got to see a different side of her as a captive and before her capture.

And yes I can eat chicken soup, and have done many times during and since reading it.
Overall this was one of those books I would strongly recommend for an adult audience, and those who are fans of dark erotica. If you are looking for something outside the norm, I would also recommend you start here I believe it is one of those books that will give you an indication of whether or not you’re comfortable with this sub-branch of erotic fiction. I will say it is very heavy with BDSM and there are graphic sex scenes, but I think that is a given.

I am giving this:
Bowls of Chicken Soup.

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