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I can dislike Cassandra Clare, her MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series, and what she's done for however long I'd like, but that doesn't mean I don't absolutely adore this series. I won't feel ashamed for loving THE INFERNAL DEVICES. I refuse.

This is one of my favorite series, and nothing will change that.

I read CLOCKWORK PRINCESS very slowly. I don't know why; perhaps it was because I didn't want to finish it, maybe it was because I was in a reading slump, or more likely: I just wasn't interested.

It took over a month of staring at the book, picking it up, and putting it back down before I forced myself to open it up, for real this time, and start over.

And once I was sucked in, that was the end. I stayed up late at night reading; I skipped the first few minutes of class to hide in corner of the bathroom and finish the chapter; I stopped watching GAME OF THRONES for a few days just so I could reach the end.

The day I finished was one of the most miserable days in my existence. It wasn't just the book, though that contributed for sure. I pushed a chair against my door, and curling up in my bed, threw the covers over my head and began to cry. I sobbed and sniffled pathetically for at least an hour, and then I took a shower and went to bed at nine. I had a horrible nightmare and woke up sweating.

CLOCKWORK ANGEL has a special place in my heart, because it was one of the first books I ever 'reviewed' when I joined the blogosphere. I fell in love with the characters, and the story, and the writing when it wasn't riddled with hundreds of similes and metaphors.

I was fearful that CLOCKWORK PRINCESS would disappoint me and cause me unnecessary stress and sadness.

It didn't disappoint me, not at all, but it sure devastated me.

CLOCKWORK PRINCESS wraps up the whole series lovingly and grievingly, sparing none of your emotions and crushing your heart. The conclusion will leave some thrilled and others crying uncontrollably. I, unfortunately, was in the latter group.

Every character was so carefully detailed and crafted. It was hard for me not to love them all I failed at not adoring them, sorry , and it was harder for me not to scream and pull my hair out when bad things happened to them. They were so real, and that will always be Clare's strongest point in writing. They're so realistic; they act like assholes and they make mistakes and they go through the same pain that real people do.

I'd always enjoyed reading about Tessa; she was likable if a little dull, and she developed so much in this book. Looking back at the first book, the difference between past Tessa and current Tessa is unbelievable.

Same with Will: I hated him with a burning passion at first. You, Will, were hysterical...


By CLOCKWORK PRINCESS, he was nearly unrecognizable. His horrible, prickly exterior had been stripped off, and beneath was a stunningly insecure soul who just needed love. He was still hilariously snarky at times, but it wasn't meant to degrade anyone.

Jem Carstairs has been my favorite literary character of all time since I read CLOCKWORK ANGEL a few years back. His undying sweetness, kindness, and loyalty to Will melted my heart the very first page he was introduced. CLOCKWORK PRINCESS revolves around Jem's illness and the countdown to his death, and that was probably the main reason CLOCKWORK PRINCESS hit me so hard.

Jem and Will have this love for each other that even Tessa will never be able to interfere with. It's so beautiful and strong and unbreakable. I honestly spent most of my time holding back tears every time they were together.

There was so much angst in CLOCKWORK PRINCESS, and the love triangle was so damn... well, angsty. I was shipping Jill (Jem and Will) by page thirty, and all I wanted them to do was to say FUCK TESSA and elope and adopt beautiful children. Who cares if parabati can't have relationships? Besides being a Jill shipper, I'm also a Wessa shipper but a bigger Jessa shipper, so I was really quite hoping they'd have a threesome and just end it there.

Obviously, it didn't happen in that exact order that didn't happen.

Jem and Tessa have such a beautiful, lasting, strong bond. It's impossible to sever and only gets stronger with time. But Will and Tessa's love is bright and explosive omg I want to say TACO BELL but that's not appropriate and passionate. Tessa is in love with them both, and yes, I think it's possible.

It's like someone asking, "what's your favorite book?" I'm betting over seventy percent of bloggers and readers can't answer that, because they love so many. Tessa has two favorites, because she's a lucky bitch and lucky bitches get what they want.

The love triangle ended in a way that I was half pleased with and half distressed over.

If you're a Jill shipper, you'll cry.
If you're a Jessa shipper, you'll cry.
If you're a Wessa shipper, you'll cry.
If you're a Wemssa shipper, you will definitely cry.

Either way, you're fucked.

I've always admired Clare for the way she manages to intertwine THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS with THE INFERNAL DEVICES. All the family trees are kept straight and correct unlike the Warriors series, where Rowanclaw apparently undergoes an operation to turn into a male, and various questions that have appeared in her MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series are answered here. Though, I would love to see her try to manage the family tree with four possible Shadowhunter series. *snorts*

I feel as if Clare saw all the angry status updates a lot of bloggers including me were posting up about the SHEER AMOUNT OF SIMILES AND METAPHORS IN THESE GODDAMN BOOKS. Pages and pages of her MORTAL INSTRUMENTS series could've been cut if she had calmed the fuck down with the purple writing. CLOCKWORK PRINCESS shows a growth and maturity in the writing style that I never thought Clare could handle.

Now, CLOCKWORK PRINCESS is not without its faults. Several parts of it annoyed and frustrated me beyond understanding, such as when (view spoiler).

And, of course, that ending. (view spoiler)

CLOCKWORK PRINCESS was an appropriately heart-breaking ending to a beautiful series, and though I'm sad to see it end, I don't think it will be the last time we hear of the trio.
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29.82% "I'm not sure if Clare is purposely ripping off quotes from The Mortal Instruments series to use in here as parallels, or just isn't original enough to think of a romantic quote that Jace didn't say centuries later."
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42.63% "This is why I love Jem.\n \n I love Jem because he isn't the controlling, abusive, possessive dickface that would beat the living shit out of any guy who confessed to being in love with Tessa.\n \n He's glad and happy about it. \n \n This is where I can't stay angry with Clare and her books. It's where Jem rips my heart out and I start to cry."
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54.56% ""...belladonna, angelica, damiana leaf..."\n \n I'M GOING TO PEE FROM LAUGHING SO HARD\n \n description \n \n Sam: "Medical examiner said his body showed clear signs that he was killed by belladonna."\n \n Dean and Charlie (at the same time): "The porn star?"\n \n Sam: "The poison.""
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99.65% "I can rant and bitch about Clare as much as I want, but it's not going to change how heart-wrenchingly beautiful and depressing that epilogue was.\n \n I'm still crying."
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99.65% "Here's to hoping that they'll find a way in the Mortal Instruments series...\n \n This is the same problem Alec and Magnus have. THEY WILL FIND SOMETHING."
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Katelynn I so agree with you - but unfortunately I think at the end of this book he will die :'( but i believe Tessa will do everything she can to ignore her feelings for Will :,,,,,(
In other words really I have no clue what will happen and just waiting for the book to come out

Ava Oceana I know... it's too much like TMI. I don't WANT him to die, because I WILL re-write the ending for all Jem lovers. Since I write, lol.

Nandanie I just realized that it is 2013! What the hell?!?! 2012 just freakin started! Cassy Clare what the hell?!?!?! I am going bonkers right now! See? I am hooked to this and I NEED it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ava Oceana I KNOW!!!!!! PLEASE MAKE IT JANUARY 1st, 2013.


Nandanie The wait better be worth it! Jem better not die or I am afaid that my parents will have to dig a grave for me! Dont do this to me Cassy!

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

I have a prediction! :P Mortmain has a cure for Jem...ohh wouldn't that be interesting

Ava Oceana Mmm, that would be awesome....

Nandanie That would be a miracle! Of course Nightie here would swear up a happy storm in her happy wake!

Ava Oceana HELL YEAH.

Nandanie How did I know?!?

message 11: by Mada (new) - added it

Mada I love Jem so I hope he ends up with Tessa, but I think there is a chance for Jem to end up with Will's sister. I don't want that but come on: Jem is irresistible:))). This way Tessa and Will could be together without hurting Jem(I think that's what Cassandra Clare wants) and Jem will became even more close to Will by marryng his sister

Ava Oceana Mada wrote: "I love Jem so I hope he ends up with Tessa, but I think there is a chance for Jem to end up with Will's sister. I don't want that but come on: Jem is irresistible:))). This way Tessa and Will could..."

I thought that about Jem as well, but from what I've seen of Cecily, she's a brat.

message 13: by Mada (new) - added it

Mada Yes she is. I really don't like her but Clare wants Tessa and Will together and that's the only way they can be together without killing Jem. If Jem dies I won't read Dark Artifices and the next novels of The Mortal Instruments series :(.

message 14: by Ava Oceana (last edited Aug 04, 2012 05:23AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ava Oceana Mada wrote: "Yes she is. I really don't like her but Clare wants Tessa and Will together and that's the only way they can be together without killing Jem. If Jem dies I won't read Dark Artifices and the next no..."

What?! Unbelievable! It would be Jace and Clary all over again. If Jem dies, I won't be reading the next ones either. Taking the easy way out of the love triangle by murdering the one who's done nothing but love and adore you is unforgivable.

Valeria Andrea Umm, no, I don't think she'll kill Jem just like that. & if that happens, both of them will be so broken because of Jem's death that won't be able to be together because Oh dreadness, it would be like treason & that kind of stuff…

message 16: by Mada (new) - added it

Mada Yes, they will be broken, but I can bet Clare will make Jem ask them to be together when he dies. He'll probably say he wants the two people he loved more to be happy.
And I will totally hate it then. I love Jem and I started loving The Infernal Devices thanks to him.
His life was a nightmare (watching his parents being killed, being tortured when he was a child, his illness) and he deserves to be with the girl he loves.

Keerthana ok i have a theory or guess tat will and tessa are going to b together and jem will be a brother and i think he's brother jeremiah bocz in city of lost souls clary and brother jeremiah wil have a talk he owes to herondale's and y not tat herondale cud b will but i kow tis guess has a flaw its the name basically but clare may have an explanation for tis one and tis is the only way tat jem cud b alive and will-tessa together(

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)


message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

Gimme this book >.<

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Even if Clare was the worst author ever, I'd be drawn to this book anyway because of the cover. Wow, just wow.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

I know..it's so...pretty!

Greta Hurry and read it! I finished a few days ago and I am still thinking about it! I just cannot let go of these characters! I love them so!!!

Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah* Beautiful review! :D

Ava Oceana Branwen wrote: "Beautiful review! :D"

Thank you! <3

Jessica I completely agree with you in terms of CP2, it was beautifully heartbreaking and I re-read it as soon as I finished. I read it twice, once rather fast, I sped through it in order to acknowledge the plot, but the second time it took me a week to go through every detail and really feel in touch with the characters. Will is literally my dream.... I can't even begin to describe my love for his character and compassion. Don't even get me started on Jem because I will CRY A RIVER.
Cassie ended the series beautifully. I couldn't think of a sadder happy ending for the perfect trio.

message 27: by Romy (new)

Romy Your review made me laugh. I thank you :)

message 28: by Flor (new) - rated it 5 stars

Flor De verano Wemssa shipper, and yes I cried

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