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Hollowmen by Amanda Hocking
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Dec 18, 2011

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Read on December 18, 2011

Title: Hollowmen (The Hollows #2)
Author: Amanda Hocking
Genre: YA, Zombies, Apocalyptic
Series: The Hollows
Publication Date: November 8th, 2011


Do NOT read this review of Hollowmen unless you have read the book. A lot of the 'problems' I will be discussing in my review are huge spoilers from the book.

** Instead of the traditional reviews that I usually do I'm just going to list out the problems, in my opinion, that I found within the books plot and characters. **

No Lazlo? Seriously? In the first book he was madly in love with Remy! He actually told her he wouldn't leave without and he would stay as long as she was there and he goes off in the first group out with Harlow. He clearly had no choice but why cut him out like that?

When Remy finally does get a chance to talk to him they talk like they are strangers OVER A DAMN RADIO. I mean, seriously, it's being SIX MONTHS and all they have to say is how are you?? Are you bloody joking me? I hated this, they didn't say they loved each other or even that they missed each other. It's impossible to just cut off feelings for someone like that so I don't understand why that happened. I am literally baffled over it!

Remy hooked up with Boden!! Oh my days, I knew it was going to happen. I actually thought it was going to be with Tatum but then he suddenly got killed off! I like Boden, really I do, but Remy is a damn slut hooking up with him knowing there is a chance Lazlo is out there waiting for her. Like literally waiting for her, they made a so called date to meet in Canada. I honestly scoffed when I read they hooked up, it made me so mad.

(It was not a fun time, poor Lazlo! I really just hated he was like nowhere in this book)

**Yes, most of my problems are about Lazlo, but it's total bollocks that he was nowhere in this book after being such big character in the first book! After finding Max, going after Lazlo should have being Remy's next quest. I mean, he helped her every step of the way in finding Max and she didn't even think about him at all during the book, it's so bloody stupid!**

Harlow died! That sucked but what's worse is that she wasn't in this book and we couldn't read it to find out how it happened. She was a main character in the first book so it was stupid to find out she didn't make it while Remy talk to Lazlo (They only time they did talk in the book and it was with that crappy bit of news) Ugh!

Other than these problems I liked everything else (Except for Blue dying, that was so random and stupid. I almost put the book down when I seen he was a zombie) but there HAS to be a third book, no way it can end like that with not knowing what happened to Lazlo! If there's not going to be a third book I'm going to be beyond pissed!

Okay, rant/review is over.

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Tabitha I love Lazlo and wished he was around in the second book! He cares for Remy, I think Boden was just with her because she was the last woman on earth lol.

Just My Bucking Book Blog I very much agree with you Tabitha!

Amy Nielsen Yes! That's exactly what I feel like! I didn't feel a bit of chemistry between these two, more like pals that fall into bed. Messed up.

message 4: by Just My Bucking Book Blog (last edited Jan 23, 2012 06:10AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Just My Bucking Book Blog Exactly, it annoyed me so much. I just hope there is a third book to make up for it.

Lori There better be a third! I was really looking forward to her finding Lazlo. And I agree that Boden had no real interest in her. It makes me nuts, and disappointed to have read this book.

Just My Bucking Book Blog My thoughts exactly, I will be so mad if a third book doesn't come out.

Sara Atkinson 100% with you on this one.

Angel OMG all of this is exactly how I felt. Like literally I also almost put down the book when I saw that blue was a zombie. WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY HEAD?

Dana trust me i totally know where you are coming from i has really hoping that lazlo and remy would find their way back to each other! i almost felt deflated the way it ended. but other than that i still liked the book. so agreed on the 50/50.

Stacey I fully agree!! There must b a second book and even though they added Stella..i kinda missed Harlow! It is sad that she didnt wait for Lazlo, but i do like Boden. :)I hated it when Daniels died and when she saw Blue...it all got a bit too much with them all being killed off.

Shana Rivera i agree i wrote my review and then read yours lmaooo they were almost the same!

Bethany Exactly my thoughts.

Meredith Agree with you 100%. The ending was so slow and anticlimatic like the author didnt know how to end it and just gave up.

message 14: by Paola (new) - rated it 1 star

Paola Forqueda agree with you! mixed feelings about this book...

Just My Bucking Book Blog Thanks everyone, glad I'm not alone on this lol

message 16: by Roo (new)

Roo Torres OMG I didn't read the book yet..that was A LOT of spoilers!!!
Anyway..not much of a mystery left, but hey, I'm sure I'll still love it. :P ;)

Just My Bucking Book Blog I wrote at the top of the review that there was spoilers lol

Robert I feel your pain. I really do. I had the same problems while reading it. Blue and Harlow were big parts of the first book. The author didn't even have enough decency to show how they died. I liked those characters. The new ones constantly feel like replacements for the old ones. Another problem I have is there was a nucleus of good characters in the first book. You had Remy, Harlow, Lazlo and Blue. They were awesome and they never died. Then you have Hollowmen where people die in the most ridiculous ways without rhyme or reason. We are now left with Serg. A random guy that just ventured in through the middle of the book and Boden. Boden seems cool, but he is no Lazlo.

Just My Bucking Book Blog Exactly Robert!! I just didn't understand why she cut them out, it makes me so mad because I loved them in the first book!

message 20: by Ashley (new)

Ashley Worley i just recently read both books for the first time & i totally agree about the 2nd book. i have scoured all of the internet for about 3 days now & i can't find out anywhere... there's not going to be a 3rd book, is there? :(

message 21: by Isolde (new) - added it

Isolde Marie i don't like this book .. i hated it with passion! but I superbly love the first book because of Lazlo

message 22: by Mariana (new) - added it

Mariana I like the book just the way it is. It looks more real than the other books where love is there waiting. Yes, Lazlo promised and then he left which means they weren't mean to be together. How many guys say 'I love you and suddenly change their mind in the last minute?' don't give me wrong, I liked Lazlo but he was a kid. I believed he loved her but he was selfish. When it was time to run, he simply took off. Besides she chose to stay with the doctors and yet he didn't try to save her as tamtun did. On the radio, I think he was over her already or trying to be strong. She expected to him to say something but he didn't. Who knows what happened in his mind?

I liked Bolden and he was a man who took care of her the way she deserved. Regarding the other characters dying, yes I think it had to happen. The same way happens in the walking dead. How many good characters we lost already? It felt sad when she found Blue, tamtun and Daniel's died. The whole book was great and very beautiful ending

Tashieka Hart What if in the next installment Lazlo turns up and we just have to struggle through their "love" triangle?

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